Wondering about hair dyeing during pregnancy

Wondering about hair dyeing during pregnancy

Mothers who want to be as healthy as possible during pregnancy and are worried about adversely affecting the baby’s development are often hesitant about dyeing hair during pregnancy. According to the Huffington Post, it is safe for both mother and baby to use hair dye during pregnancy after certain precautions are taken. Dr. Angela Lamb says that “hair dye does not come into contact with the skin long enough to get into the bloodstream and reach the baby,” expressing that it is safe to dye hair during pregnancy. Dermatologist Dr. Jennifer MacGregor confirms that the scalp absorbs very little dye, but reminds that if there are cuts or open wounds on the scalp, the dye will penetrate more under the skin.

It is often said that to dye hair during pregnancy, it is necessary to wait for the first trimester, ie the first trimester. However, experts say this will not have any particular effect. So actually, it’s considered safe to use hair dye at any time of pregnancy. However, if nausea and similar symptoms that can be seen in the first weeks disturb the expectant mother too much, of course, dyeing hair will not be the right choice in this process. The intense odor of hair dye ingredients can aggravate the complaints of nausea. In such a situation, it would be reasonable to wait for the intense symptoms to pass before dyeing the hair.

When using hair dye, whether or not it is during pregnancy, the first thing that should always be considered is whether allergic reactions develop. Even if you have dyed your hair before, your skin may have an allergic reaction to a new type of dye, and symptoms such as rashes and itching may occur, and the dye can damage your skin. For this reason, it is highly recommended to do a hair dye test at a small point on the head before dyeing.

If you prefer to stay away from chemicals as much as possible during pregnancy, natural hair dyes may also be preferred. You should be sure to carefully read the instructions for use of paints you will use at home, and if possible, get help from someone during the dyeing process to avoid inhaling the chemicals for longer.

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