“Wise Moon Brave Sun” took its place on the shelves

“Wise Moon Brave Sun” took its place on the shelves

Each of us wants to move forward with our best version in life, to make sense of what we have not taken as much as the steps we have taken, and most importantly, to be in balance and happy. Personal Development Specialist and Indologist Didem Öztabak also shows what we can do for a balanced life and the place of Masculine and Feminine Fields in our lives, based on concepts such as Yin-Yang, Dark-Light, Cold-Hot, Sun-Moon, in her book titled “Wise Moon Brave Sun”. .

Didem Öztabak, who has been organizing trainings and workshops for many years, discusses the effects of Masculine and Feminine Energy Fields on almost every part of our lives in her book. In the book published under the label of Tara Kitap, Öztabak reveals in a sincere and understandable language how we can balance the Masculine and Feminine areas in life with practical suggestions. Occupations, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System, Relationships, Frequencies, Attitudes and Seasons, which consists of 18 chapters, is written as “a workbook with the intention of guiding our search for balance,” says Öztabak.

Wise Moon Brave Güneş is a book that includes practical suggestions that can transform our view of life, our relationships, our physical health, our spirit, mind and body balance in a positive direction by highlighting the practice as well as the theory of the subject. In addition to Didem Öztabak’s answers to the questions asked by her clients, yin-yang yoga practices, which are explained in detail with visuals, also come to the fore in the book, which will serve as a guide for readers.

In the introduction to Bilge Ay Cesur Güneş, Didem Öztabak says, “This workbook is a living thing for me. The content will breathe with each person who reads it and practices the practices, and the workbook itself will undergo a transformation. Even if the person transformed over time does the same practices, the result will always be different. This is ‘vitality’,” he says, revealing the intent and essence of the book.

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