Why are witches not loved?  |  Life

Why are witches not loved? | Life

Because they are not addicted.

Because he has eyes in power.

Because they can understand the language of plants and animals.

And for many more reasons.

The existence of princesses who are presented as acceptable in fairy tales always depends on another person and mostly on a man. Whether their conditions are good or bad is not related to their will. Snow White is a princess because she is the king’s daughter. After leaving his father’s care, he “stays in the middle”. In order to live in prosperity again, he must marry a prince. Similarly, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel need to be saved by a man. They can’t write their own destinies, they don’t even try to write it. They bow down. Witches are independent. Their own destiny depends on their own actions, their own decisions. They strive to change their circumstances, albeit alone.

Witches have eyes in power, they compete with the powerful. Snow White’s stepmother essentially wants to be the head of the royal. He has an ideal of being the most beautiful, and he plots to achieve this ideal. The evil fairy who caused Sleeping Beauty to sleep has dared to charge the king for the disrespect done to her. Cinderella’s stepmother is a wife who made her father do whatever he said and who made it a motto to lead him. Yet Snow White, for example, does not pursue her father’s royalty, preferring to be under the patronage of the first prince she meets. The favored princesses of fairy tales have no eyes in power. They do not take revenge, do not greed, and do not think to improve their conditions by their own efforts. They are content with what is offered to them.

Think of the daily lives of witches, they live in the depths of the forest. They are alone. He has cats from time to time. They understand the language of plants. Although they have been associated with evil spells, we know that healer women have also been burned in witch hunts throughout history. We know that the information we call pharmacological botany, which plants are the raw materials of which drugs are used by modern medicine today, is an ancient knowledge that was passed on by women before witch hunts in medieval Europe. It is the main source before being discredited as “folk medicine”. Witches of fairy tales are also not liked because they have this healing power. Knowledge is power.

The traditional witch motif is old, ugly, and wicked for no reason. The book Sleeping Beauty Awakened talks about these issues at length. From the acceptable female model, why witches are not liked, what messages are wanted to be given in the background with the character of the witch and the character of the princess.

We are not saying “now is the time to write new fairy tales” in vain. We refuse to be acceptable women; because we don’t have a stomach for taught beauty standards, we don’t want to inflict pain on our bodies anymore. Because we now know that the knowledge that we have to sacrifice ourselves and “vacuum our hair” in order to be regarded as “good people” is a trap for women. We see how the rights of women who are supposed not to be angry, show anger, and always be tolerant, benign and forgiving are defeated and exploited. This is exactly why we refuse to be popular princesses.

We haven’t slept all this time, we are now well awake. And this time, an awakening of girls, boys, women and men. We awoke in such a way that our back is very solid. We have no intention of being put to sleep again.

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