Why are we afraid of losing?  |  Health

Why are we afraid of losing? | Health

People may experience fear of losing their loved ones, especially in bilateral relations, at certain times in their lives. The fear of losing can be experienced in different areas, from losing loved ones to losing a position. The fear of losing, which is among our biggest fears, appears as a positive and human emotion when it is taken under control. However, when this feeling goes to the extreme and reaches a level that will turn life into a dungeon, it must be corrected by getting support.

Untreated, such fears can go further and cause anxiety disorder. This fear, which starts in individuals in life, is seen in all management areas of life. So, what is the fear of losing, how does it affect people, what can be done to prevent it from negatively affecting life? Neurology Specialist from REEM Neuropsychiatry Center, Dr. Mehmet Yavuz shares his views on the subject.

Fear of losing; It is a feeling that people experience when they do not want to lose what they have. It is among the phenomena that people experience throughout their lives and can cause stress. The source of this situation; It may be that they do not want to lose the happiness they have, not wanting to be alone, and not wanting to be separated from the person they love.

As long as this feeling is in dose, it increases motivation for the relationship. However, overdoing this feeling and becoming obsessed significantly impairs the quality of life and must be corrected by getting support.

In this case, fears can cause psychological and physiological disturbances. For example; People with anxiety disorder may develop depression due to intense stress. By going down to the reasons for this, the problems should be eliminated from the root.

Among the most well-known reasons for the fear of loss is the way of being brought up by the parents. People who are brought up in the childhood that life is full of dangers and that the external environment should not be trusted, begin to distrust people. People in this situation may be dependent on their parents.

A lack of self-confidence develops in people, and starting to live dependent on others may cause them to experience fear of losing people. The constant presence of these thoughts can even cause obsessions (obsessions) by affecting mood. It is the person who creates the fear of loss. Recognizing this, not being afraid of this emotion will help people get out of this situation.

  • In order to solve this, first of all, one must take a determined attitude.
  • People should stop interfering in the lives of others, trying to change it, controlling it, and focus on themselves.
  • The person should add new activities to his life and make it a habit to take time for himself.
  • It should be avoided to be with the person who is afraid of losing all the time.
  • People should not forget that the most valuable assets in life are themselves, and other people come next.
  • If the fear of losing persists despite these recommendations, psychological support should be sought from a specialist.

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