Where is this boy’s mother?  |  Life

Where is this boy’s mother? | Life

The month of March, known as the mating month for cats, has passed. I’ve been observing it in the garden for years. Male cats keep chasing females every March. The vast majority of females become pregnant in April. After a few months, births begin, men are nowhere to be found. The females are alone with the offspring.

Females who give their first birth at a young age are generally unable to take care of their offspring. Sometimes only one of them can survive, sometimes none of them can. More experienced females leave an average of one in four babies relatively weak and frail, leaving them far from the others because they don’t have the strength to spend extra on them. It directs its existing energy to healthier offspring with a higher chance of survival.

Nature is like that. The mother cat who abandoned the weak puppy is not accused of unscrupulousness, because there is no other choice. Anyway, the male cat that got out after mating was not accused of irresponsibility.

Let’s come to the world of humans, another mammal. The woman becomes pregnant, if she is working in a paid job, she suddenly says, “Will you return to work after giving birth?” questions begin to rise in four directions. We do not hear the same question being asked of the father. First of all, it is necessary to question the knowledge that one of the spouses “should” stay at home and act as a parent.

The child reaches a certain age. The mother wants to go back to work. Nursery is sought for the child. This time, it is talked about how young the 2-year-old child is to be in the kindergarten and that the “poor” child must be left to the nursery because his mother is working. Again, because his “mother” is working. Oh these working mothers.

The child has an eating disorder. He’s having trouble adapting to his friends. He spoke later than average, walked later. The mother is held responsible for any unexpected development. Especially if he did not stop working in a paid job, “it is so, when the child is not with the mother”. At this stage, fathers are never questioned, never held responsible.

The responsibility of raising a child is too important to be left alone to mothers. This is not only a matter of women’s emancipation, but also of advocacy for children’s rights. It is an injustice to women and children to hold women solely responsible for raising children at home and to designate their mothers as the sole caregivers of children.

A modern world trap where one parent must stay home and actively engage in childcare. Children are the children of society. The role of mothers and fathers in caregiving responsibility is equivalent, and of course the primary caregiver responsibility lies with the parents. But also everyone he comes into contact with, his grandmother, aunt, teacher, neighbor, cousin, plays a role in the development of the child.

We are all responsible for the children. The device that should play the most active role in raising children in modern society is the state. Increasing and improving day-care centers, better pre-school education models, paying attention to pre-school teaching are very, very critical agendas. Children are the only group with absolute right that we have to advocate for rights, without question.

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