When are babies given water?  |  Mother

When are babies given water? | Mother

Especially on hot summer days, the issue of giving water to babies comes up frequently in relation to baby feeding. “Do babies get water?” The question becomes a topic of discussion, especially when it comes to newborn babies. Although the opinions of experts about the water need of babies younger than 6 months, especially newborn babies, are certain, mothers who have just given birth remain hesitant, especially in the face of the directions made by the elders of the family saying “She is thirsty, give water”.

Your new parents “Do babies get water?” Before giving a definitive answer to the question, it is necessary to consider the baby’s own situation. When it comes to infant feeding, the needs of exclusively breastfed babies and formula-fed babies are different. How old is the baby and how is it fed? “When is water given to babies?” criteria for answering the question. However, the information about giving water to babies alone is indisputable.

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Why are babies not given water?

“Should a newborn baby drink water?” or “Can a newborn baby drink water?” The answer to the questions should be “No”. Babies who are exclusively breastfed do not need to drink water. Even formula fed babies! Because the water in both breast milk and formula is sufficient to meet the fluid needs of babies under 6 months. There is no need to give water to babies, and it is especially recommended to avoid giving water. Even a small amount of water is enough to fill the baby’s small stomach, making it difficult for the baby to get the nutrients they need. There are other drawbacks to giving extra water to babies when they are not receiving breast milk or formula.

90% of breast milk consists of water. It meets all the fluid needs. Breast milk provides all the nutrients and fluid needs of the baby. Breastfeeding with the thought that the baby will be more thirsty in hot weather additional water it will fill the baby’s stomach in vain, and will cause less benefit from the unique and specially produced content that he will receive from breast milk. Even studies on babies living in the warmest regions of the world have revealed that these babies are fed only with breast milk and all their fluid needs are met. Therefore, breastfeeding is sufficient.

Well, Can a formula fed baby be given water? Contrary to popular belief, formula-fed babies do not need to drink additional water. Formula prepared by adding the right amount of water already contains water and meets the baby’s fluid needs. It is not correct to increase the water added to the food in hot weather and to dilute the food with water. This reduces the nutritional content the baby is expected to receive from bottle formula. More importantly, it can lead to a condition called “water intoxication” that causes extra hydration.

Pediatrician Natasha Burgert says: “Until six months of age, a baby’s kidneys are not too mature to properly filter plain water. This is the baby to water poisoning makes it sensitive. As the baby grows, only his kidneys mature. six month old baby his body becomes able to consume water without worrying about water intoxication.”

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, people think they need extra fluids other than breast milk and formula. make baby drink water It can also upset the baby’s electrolyte balance. This is a dangerous condition that can lead to seizures. Food should be prepared as specified by the manufacturer and a healthcare professional should be consulted in case of doubt. Breast milk already meets all the needs of the baby and is produced by the mother’s body in accordance with the needs of each baby. For example, the production of milk in the mother takes place according to the sex of the baby.

Babies when starting solid foods the need to drink water arises. Water can be given to the baby, taking into account the amount of breast milk he receives. Constipation case, the amount of water can be increased. Solidification naturally begins to appear in the stools of babies who are acclimating to solid foods. Water needs can be monitored by observing both the amount of urine and constipation status of the baby. During the meal, it may be offered to drink water in the form of sips. The baby who does not drink water with the meal can also be given water at the end of the meal. It is recommended to give the water directly from a glass or drinker. Instead of insisting that he drink water, you can offer it from time to time, and use colored drinkers or glasses to make it attractive. Just like in the period of getting used to additional foods get used to drinking water should also be patient. Trust your baby on this one. He will determine the required amount for himself. So, how should the transition to additional food be? Click for answers!

Another issue is newborn baby swallowing water is a concern. How to give your baby a bath his yutarsa Do not immediately panic in terms of fear of infection. Since many activities such as tooth brushing and bathing are done with tap water, it does not pose a significant danger to him if he accidentally swallows the water you use while being sure of its cleanliness. It is recommended to choose baby shampoos with natural ingredients to ensure that the baby is least affected by such situations. Worried about getting a germ washing the baby with drinking water It should be reminded at this point that it is not recommended for the development of the immune system.

Accidentally baby swallowing water in the bathroom Of course, it is important to observe your baby carefully and inform the doctor if there is a special condition. In case of an unusual situation such as difficulty in breathing, non-stop coughing, bruising, or a change in general condition due to the way you swallow water, you should immediately apply to a health institution. It’s common for a baby to swallow water while bathing, so don’t feel guilty if this happens.

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