What to do to raise the vibration?

What to do to raise the vibration?

Law of ResonanceAccording to the theory put forward by Ş., the fact that everything in the universe consists of vibrations directly affects our lives. With this void, which is called the field of infinite possibilities, in which the void outside of the matter consists of vibrations, our brain frequencies It is said that we are in interaction and integrity through. Those who carry the same or close frequencies attract each other and have high vibrations a more positive life is possible.

Raise their vibrations and to attract what they want Here are 14 easy ways for those who dream:

Be aware of your thoughts

Everything you think and feel eventually becomes your reality. Often to see what’s going through your mind awareness take breaks. If you notice a negative thought don’t judge yourself and the presence of this thought to accept Take time for yourself. Do not try to correct the emotions and thoughts that come up and that they exist notice. Even noticing is very effective in changing your vibrations and bodily sensations. Also, set a separate time frame to develop a deeper awareness of why you think so.

Dream and imagine positive

Do you want to align with the vibration of the positive things you’ve been dreaming of? Then visualize your dreams and take time to daydream every day. While doing this, visualizing instead of using words to attract the things you want is a recommended way. For this, you can allocate a time frame of 10-15 minutes a day. When you practice it regularly, your mind will perceive your dreams as if they are real, which means a positive mood provides.

Find something nice and admire it

Beauty is actually everywhere. When we are in a negative mood, we cannot see the beauties before our eyes. However, spending time looking at something that looks good has been used since ancient civilizations. relaxation and focus method. Let your eyes move around freely and stand on an object you enjoy. Spend time watching it for a while. Doing this in nature provides great effects. If you do not have the opportunity to be in nature, even a potted plant can work for you. psychology and many experts and healers who work on the nervous system do this “Orientation” as a method of teaching.

End the day with positive intentions

Whatever day you’ve had, when you go to bed for the next day positive intentions Determine. Throughout the day, you may have experienced negative experiences and annoying events, and you may be getting ready to sleep in a negative mood. As I get ready to go to sleepRemind yourself that the next day will be a new beginning. The power of intention many people experiences. When you put your head on the pillow to sleep, make an intention for the next day and with positive intent phrases Finish.

Give affirmations

Affirmations power of many people have experienced it and said it works. Even if you don’t feel like it “I’m safe” After a while to stimulate your mind with messages such as you really believe it and your subconscious root beliefs It is a great start to change. When you regularly take the time to affirm and that you are healthy, strong, safe and happy, when you repeat and so on. affirmative sentences When you say, your vibrations change accordingly.

Come to the focus of gratitude

Every day, create a “Gratitude list” for that day. Being grateful is something that can be forgotten in difficult times, but focusing on things to be thankful for is positive emotions high frequency vibrations It is highly effective for spreading. Even remembering the simplest possibilities you have can change your focus, rather than on issues that pull your mood down. If you don’t know where to start, grab a pen and paper and make a list of 10 items every day with things to be thankful for. If you have time, do this both in the morning and in the evening, and compare the lists with each other to notice your point of view.

Send love

Sometimes there comes a moment in human relations that conflicts become like knots. The situation that you can never get out of and in relationshipsIf there is nothing else to do, it helps you to leave it alone for a while. In order to do this, you can use the feeling of love you have within you. To people who bother you with their behavior send love Although it may sound difficult, returning to the feeling of love within out of anger and “I can’t forgive” it also liberates it from its impasse.

Have a laugh

“Laughter heals” is not for nothing! LOL your happiness hormones it is the easiest way to upgrade. If it doesn’t seem possible to laugh out and about, remember the things that have made you laugh the most ever. Picture these by closing your eyes and notice the smile appearing on your face. Now you are ready to have more fun. Fun videos and open comedy movies and live the moments when you forget all your troubles.

Sing out loud

Music therapy has been practiced in both East and West for centuries. It is now known that sounds have an effect on brainwaves and musical therapy methods being rediscovered. Your favorite music will also increase your frequency and to balance your energy It works quite well. Singing out loud Vagus nerve stimulation It has a positive effect on our health by providing. When the Vagus nerve, which is connected with many vital organs throughout the body starting from the brain, is stimulated by activities such as singing relaxation and rest can be realized easily.

Say hi

Research says eye-to-eye contact and greetings are effective in developing positive emotions in a short time. Studies reveal that greeting is beneficial for right-brain and left-brain balance. Greeting is the cheapest method that reminds us that we are not alone in life and sends positive messages to our subconscious! Expand the communication with your environment and start seeing its positive effects immediately.

Read guiding books

Some books seem to be part of the “New Age” trend, but actually “How should a good life be?” It contains the answer. The trick is to keep them on your bedside at all times and to reread the highlights you have highlighted in later times. In this way, you can see how far you have come in your personal development and work with yourself regularly. Reading with a different consciousness is useful for resolving the effects of old experiences and emotions on your body.

Spend time in nature

Concrete buildings, wireless internet, electronic devices, base stations… While we are surrounded by electromagnetic pollution, we are far from the elements of nature that we are a part of. Adapting to the vibrations of the earth allows you to get away from the pollution that has accumulated in your energy body over the years. Walking in nature also provides mental calmness and grounding, away from the artificial hustle and bustle of daily life. If you have a lot of work, make spending time in nature a job too!

Organize your home

As emphasized by Feng Shui, a teaching of thousands of years, negative energies accumulated in a scattered environment have an effect on both our mood and our life. In order for your vibrations to harmonize with the novelty and the energies of the good life you dream of, harmonize the energy of the place you live in with this.

Watch what you eat

If you want to raise your vibration, make sure you don’t just drink stimulating drinks like coffee out of habit. In some cases, it is recommended to avoid caffeine completely, but the effects of caffeine-containing foods and beverages that stimulate the mind and protect from diseases such as Alzheimer’s are also known. Balanced nutrition and consuming plenty of water are said both in the West and in traditional medicine for a healthy body and vitality. Consume foods according to your needs and make balanced use of especially fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Prepared: Senem Tahmaz

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