What should I do to look beautiful?

What should I do to look beautiful?

There are colors that suit everyone and these colors differ from person to person. For example, it would be appropriate for brunettes to choose dark colors because their eyes and hair color are also dark. They can combine burgundy and brown tones with pale colors. If you have light skin, combine pastel tones with dark colors.

Following the fashion only makes you a fashion follower, not a pretty person! If your body is pear-type, for example, wear a tunic over tights. If your ankles are thick, choose boots or boots in winter, choose pants and maxi skirts in summer. Do not wear too light colors if you are overweight. If your legs are thick, let your dress or skirt end at the thinnest part of your legs, so you look slimmer.

If you are a brunette, choose burgundy and brownish, if you are white, choose peach and pinkish tones. If your eyes are large, use eye makeup to make them look light, and if they are small, make them look bigger. If your lips are thin, apply lipstick after filling it with a lip pencil to make it look plump. Eyelashes are a woman’s most important weapon, curl them and accentuate them with mascara.

For example, if your face is square, straight hair, if it is round, the middle parted hair that you will fold from the chin is appropriate. Since the chin tapering on triangular faces draws attention, the folds in the same line soften the image a little.

If you are a brunette, prefer to have copper shadows done instead of trying to be blonde. If your skin is very white, dark colors will suit you, but remember that you need to color your face a little.

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