What should be the age difference between the two children?  |  Mother

What should be the age difference between the two children? | Mother

You want your child to have a sibling. Maybe you always wanted to have more than 1 child. Perhaps because your child wants siblings, the idea of ​​a second child is starting to feel warm to you. So, are you confused by the ideas about how old should be between two children? There are a variety of factors that couples who want a second child should consider. Experts recommend that each family make a decision based on their own situation. “Is sibling necessary?” If you frequently use expressions such as “We cannot decide on the second child” “We consider siblings”, collect the question marks in your mind under a few headings;

When the magic of being a mother, the dream of life with many children before becoming a mother, and the facts about childcare come together, women can be quite confused. Family elders, friends, and voices in society all together “When is the second child?” “Do not open the gap.” “Your child needs a brother.” It can be difficult to hear your own inner voice when you are surrounded by phrases such as. You are the person who will experience the second pregnancy, give birth, and experience the processes such as breastfeeding and return to work. After considering all the factors, ask yourself finally, and once you are sure of your answer, ignore the external voices.

Evaluating your situation with the different opinions of many people about the age difference between siblings can make your decision easier. On the other hand, it should be said that there are different advantages of having a small age difference and a large one. Even if the opinions of experienced parents guide you in this regard, listen to your own inner voice. First of all, put the situations such as work, income and care on the table in order to objectively evaluate the situation of your own family.

If your first child is approaching the starting age of primary school, it is highly undesirable for the pregnancy or birth to coincide with the start of primary school. Likewise, if you decide to have your older child siblings, discuss how much they need your support during exam periods. Evaluate who can support you while managing your daily life, such as helping with homework, course programs, and meeting with friends.

It is important that the first child is performing self-care skills. It is worth remembering that the mother has difficulties in fulfilling even her own personal needs, especially when she is giving birth or breastfeeding. Realistically create a scenario in your mind. How will your first child’s needs such as toilet and food be met while your baby is breastfeeding, while you are carrying your baby around in your lap to relieve gas? Realistically evaluate who can support you.

The small age difference between the two children is advantageous in some aspects. For example, you will continue to use it again before all baby items are out of use and maybe some are disposed of. You can take both to the park. The needs of your first child and the needs of your second child are not too far apart. However, this sometimes turns into a disadvantage. If your first child still needs comfort on the lap, he may need to wait while caring for your baby.

The idea of ​​a second child is a situation that should be evaluated within the specific circumstances of each family. The joining of a new baby in the family is a new change that must be overcome. If you prioritize communication and cooperation between spouses, it is not difficult to overcome the changes that the second child will bring. It is possible for every family to have a special start to live with their pleasure.

Prepared: Senem Tahmaz

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