What should be considered when choosing a hair straightener?

What should be considered when choosing a hair straightener?

Straight hair is a highly preferred model because it creates a stylish and sporty look. In the past, irons were used to straighten hair at home, but now straighteners meet this need. So, what should you pay attention to when choosing a hair straightener?

Hair straighteners can be produced with three different plates, these are; titanium, ceramic and tourmaline. Each plate is used for a different purpose.

Titanium: The fastest heating plate is titanium, it conducts heat quickly. If it is used for its intended purpose, the damage to the hair is minimized. However, if it is in contact with the hair for too long, the hair can be damaged. Especially suitable for thick and curly hair.

Ceramic: This plate ensures even distribution of heat. Thus, the potential to burn the hair is less. In addition, when choosing a ceramic hair straightener, you should make sure that the plates are completely ceramic. Plates with ceramic coating may crumble and damage your hair by getting stuck. Ceramic straighteners are quite economical and popular.

Tourmaline: Tourmaline is a kind of crystal mineral. It is crushed and placed on the plates. Ideal for very damaged, dry and damaged hair. It makes the hair shine, straight and soft.

Keratinli: Keratin-doped ceramic plates have been on the agenda lately. Keratin-infused ceramic plates allow the hair to straighten more easily without losing its protein.

How long your hair is is very important when choosing a hair straightener. If you have a very short pixie haircut, 19 mm hair straighteners are suitable. 22 mm hair straighteners are ideal for thick and short hair. While shoulder-length and medium-thick hair get along better with 25 mm hair straighteners; If you have thicker or curly hair, the 28 mm ones are suitable for you. Those with very long hair can use straighteners with 32mm or larger blades.

The most important thing to pay attention to when using a hair straightener is the heat setting. The highest heat setting of hair straighteners is around 230, but it should not be forgotten that the hair has a very delicate and fragile structure. If you have very thick and bushy hair, maximum 200 degrees; If you have thinner and damaged hair, it is important for your hair health that you do not exceed 160 degrees Celsius.

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