What should be considered when buying a tent?

What should be considered when buying a tent?

Adding 1 to the number of people staying in the tent (for example, choosing a 2-person tent if 1 person will stay, 3-person tent if 2 people will stay) has three advantages:

a. It gives a feeling of spaciousness in narrow space.

b. The cloth allows the walls to move a little more easily without hitting the ones next to them.

c. The bag provides space to keep items such as water at the bedside.

A lightweight tent that is resistant to light weather conditions such as rain and wind is ideal for summer, spring and autumn months. (For the winter months, it is inevitable to choose a tent that is resistant to heavy weather conditions.)

Light colors reflecting the sun prevent the temperature of the tent from increasing in the summer heat. But it awakens those inside with the sun, and it does not block the night lights. A dark-colored tent, on the other hand, provides the opportunity to sleep comfortably in the first hours of the morning as it blocks the daylight.

The second roof provides protection from factors such as rain, wind, sun (hail, snow).

It is not possible to open the windows of the tent and sleep, at least because it will invite insects. Non-breathable fabric causes condensation and dripping inside. It is inevitable that the tent is chosen from breathable fabric. In addition, choosing a double awning tent provides ventilation: While the zipper of the outer awning is kept closed, the zipper of the inner awning is opened to provide air entry and exit.

Although it is generally thought to be used for sleeping, a tent is a place to relax or spend time due to weather conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to consider its height in order to reduce the feeling of being in a closed area and to move comfortably. The general principle is that the head does not touch the ceiling while cross-legged. For a little more comfort, 130 cm is ideal.

Tents for more than three people are classified as large tents. A human-sized tent with a room at the entrance and a table under the sunshade in front of it may be suitable for a long vacation. However, it should be taken into account that this type of tent will not remain stable in a strong wind. Moreover, it is inevitable to have the knowledge of an experienced camper to install and collect.

Since seasonal conditions are mild, it is best to choose a tent that is light and easy to set up and collect.

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