What positions should you sleep for a healthy sleep?

What positions should you sleep for a healthy sleep?

You may love your pillow, but it’s better to sleep without it

The pillow was invented to support the body during sleep, but those who like to sleep face down will probably have to give up. scientistsconcluded that sleeping face down causes the spine to take an unnatural position, and in this case the pillow exacerbates the situation. While sleeping in this position, falling asleep on a flat surface may be a better option to minimize tension. If you have trouble getting used to it, under your forehead Put a small pillow, this will make it easier for you to breathe.

Normally sleeping face down is considered the least healthy position for the body. However, those who have trouble falling asleep in a different position can get help from a thin pillow placed under the belly and hips to help maintain the natural position of the spine. Also, try using a flat pillow for your head and try to get into the habit of sleeping without a pillow.

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