What is white vinegar?  |  Health

What is white vinegar? | Health

Vinegar has been used for many purposes in many fields from past to present. Recently, we have heard the name of “white vinegar” frequently. So what is this white vinegar? White vinegar is also known as the “spirit of vinegar” among the people. Used in cleaning rather than food, white vinegar is of medium acidity and is made from a type of rice.

You can use white vinegar, which is a disinfectant substance, to clean these items:

  • Shoe,
  • Refrigerator with a musty smell,
  • Chopping board,
  • Pillow covers,
  • Iron with calcified soles

White vinegar is very effective in removing stains on the carpet. You can also clean your toilet with white vinegar and purify it from bacteria. Pour the white vinegar into your toilet and let it sit for a few hours. Then scrub and wash; You will find that you do not need bleach anymore!

You can also mix white vinegar with baking soda and apply it on the carpet stains. This method helps you easily remove the stain on your carpet.

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