What is toxic positivity?  |  Health

What is toxic positivity? | Health

Having a positive outlook is generally healthy and can help you overcome difficult times. However, insincere positivity and suppressing real emotions can have harmful emotional and spiritual consequences. This is it toxic positivity It is the result of an excessive and unrealistic positivity known as

On social media, people look great and only share the good parts of their lives. They often prefer not to share and keep their concerns, difficulties and bad feelings secret. This kind of sharing can be motivational sharing that looks innocent but harms people inside, or it can be artificial texts consisting of sentences containing only positivity.

When you see people who are satisfied with their lives and boast about it, even if it does not reflect the truth, you start to force yourself to feel that way. Therefore, you wear a fake mask to pretend that everything is going great in your life and you are not affected by difficulties at all. If you don’t, you may even start to blame yourself for feeling sad, nervous, unmotivated, and exhausted!

You perceive positive people and their joyful posts as a sign of strength, and you think revealing your negative emotions makes you a weak person. This causes you to suppress your emotions and stop thinking about them. You may think doing this will make the situation better, but the situation will actually get worse. Hiding your true emotions and not facing your problems will only cause more stress, anxiety, and depression.

The person’s friends and family want to help them be happy, but finding the right words can be difficult at this point. Therefore, by running easy “Be positive!” or “It could be worse” they make sentences like. This can lead to toxic positivity.

Instead of “I see you getting stressed, is there anything I can do for you?” or “I’m sorry that something like this happened to you” Using phrases like this shows that you understand the other person and really want to help them. The important thing here is to allow the person to express their feelings and support them instead of downplaying their problem or underestimating their feelings.

You may be feeling pressure that you just have to be positive. If you are not positive, you think that the only thing you will feel will be pain, stress, or any emotion that is considered negative. In contrast, you may experience negative and positive emotions at the same time.

For example, let’s say you quit your job, you feel disappointed and anxious. In such a situation, the people around you “At least you have a family and you are in good health!” or “Everything has a reason. Now you will have a lot of opportunities “ If you make sentences like, you will be exposed to toxic positivity. You should know that it is natural to worry about your current situation while excited for the future, and that you can experience these two sensations in a balanced way at the same time.

Trying to stay positive in any situation and ignoring the facts is really tiring and can harm your mental health. Instead, it would be better to embrace and reflect what you feel good or bad. By doing so, you can inspire the people around you to reveal their reality too!

Translated from the original English: Dilara Preserve

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