What is SUP yoga and what are its benefits?

What is SUP yoga and what are its benefits?

SUP yoga is best done on calm bodies of water such as lakes, bays or harbours. Over the past two years, SUP yoga has become a trendsetter for yogis and those who already enjoy paddle boarding. In fact, many yogis improve their yoga skills tremendously by doing SUP yoga as it requires more strength, balance and focus. People even do “acroyoga” on paddle boards while standing.

There are some contrasts between land and water. SUP yoga includes hatha and vinyasa yoga streams that require different adjustments that you may not be used to if you only practiced yoga on land. For example, while constantly struggling with wind and current in the water, you are trying to balance in a limited area at the same time, but it is easier to balance on land and you are on a wider area.

Due to the limited situations above the water, SUP yoga requires intense focus and balance to keep your paddle board steady as you transition between positions. As a benefit of this, with SUP yoga, you will improve your technique on land and exercise unfamiliar muscles.

Another benefit of practicing yoga on water is that you are doing it outside on a beautiful and calm body of water. You breathe the fresh air in every pose you make, and when you open your eyes, you see the beautiful scenery around you.

Both SUP yoga and paddle surfing have many benefits for your health. If you combine both paddle surfing and SUP yoga, your muscle work will be greatly enhanced. Paddle boarding is a beneficial exercise that works the whole body. It works your legs, back, core, shoulders and arms. Paddling for 15 minutes and then completing a 15-minute yoga flow will be an incredible workout.

7 benefits of Sup yoga:

  1. It improves your technique on land.
  2. It strengthens your muscles.
  3. It reduces your stress thanks to the fresh air, nature sounds and magnificent scenery.
  4. It improves your breathing techniques.
  5. It increases your flexibility.
  6. It greatly improves your balance.
  7. It makes you go out.

To do SUP yoga effectively, you will need suitable clothes. Flexible, waterproof exercise clothing is recommended when performing these types of poses. Additionally, be sure to check the weather forecast before leaving your home so you can be prepared if it’s going to be colder than expected.

SUP yoga clothes for women:

SUP yoga clothes for men:

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