What is solid shampoo?  |  Beauty

What is solid shampoo? | Beauty

Solid shampoo is not actually a new product, this product, which is especially popular among travel lovers due to its ease of transportation, has recently been making a comeback as part of environmental protection movements.

Solid shampoo contains essentially similar ingredients to liquid shampoo, except that it is packaged in a soap form. In order for the shampoo to be effective, the necessary ingredients are combined into a non-aqueous form, making it solid.

  • It reduces environmental pollution as it does not require plastic bottles.

  • In general, a bar of solid soap has a lifetime of 2 bottles of shampoo, so it can add to your budget.

  • Since most solid shampoos are made with natural ingredients, they can be good for your scalp.

  • Depending on the type of oil added, it can be produced with many nutritional, calming and strengthening properties.

  • It is easy to carry with you on travels as it will not take up space and leak.

  • It is as effective as liquid shampoos in terms of cleaning, but because its content is more natural, it is sensitive to your skin.

Wet your hair and solid shampoo, lather the shampoo on your scalp and massage gently with your fingers. If you are worried about your hair ends getting tangled, you can choose to lather the shampoo in your hand and apply the foam to your scalp. Due to its natural structure, a slight residue may form on your scalp over time, to prevent this, rinse your hair with vinegar water once or twice a week. The acidity of the vinegar cleanses your hair of the basic residues of the shampoo.


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