What Is Normal During Pregnancy |  Pregnancy

What Is Normal During Pregnancy | Pregnancy

Most of the problems that seem to be signs of illness actually appear as problems specific to the pregnancy period. Of course, it is best for every expectant mother to consult her own doctor, as real signs of illness may lie beneath all these complaints! Let’s take a brief look at the situations that are mostly considered “normal” during pregnancy.

Pregnant women may experience various pains in the groin and waist areas and in the area commonly referred to as the “abdomen”. While these pains can sometimes be alarming, experts early signs of pregnancy He says that the groin pain seen in between is a condition that is generally accepted as normal. With groin pain some other symptoms If it is seen, it is recommended to consult a specialist immediately. There are various reasons for low back pain that can be seen with groin pain during pregnancy. In back pain during pregnancy, the anatomical structure of the expectant mother, sports history, weight gained during pregnancy and general health status are effective on the possibility of low back pain. Posture change, weight gain, stress, or pregnancy hormones can cause back pain. Low back pain experienced both in the first weeks of pregnancy and in the following weeks may occur for various reasons. So, how does back pain go away during pregnancy? You can read this post for their answers.

There are many expectant mothers who are looking for things that are good for forgetfulness during pregnancy. The good news is that forgetfulness, distraction and memory problems during pregnancy are temporary. Although hormones are often found to be guilty of “pregnant head”, they are shown to be associated with some changes in the brain during pregnancy. As well as pregnant women who do not experience forgetfulness, there are also expectant mothers who have memory problems triggered by the addition of factors such as stress, insomnia and anxiety. “Causes forgetfulness during pregnancy?” Click for the answer to the question.

Expectant mothers who experience nosebleeds during pregnancy are concerned at first. Nosebleeds during pregnancy mostly occur because of the increased blood pressure in the mother’s body affecting the thin and superficial blood vessels. Although it is thought to be a sign of the baby’s gender, there is no scientific evidence for this. For the causes of nosebleed during pregnancy and solution suggestions, “Is nosebleed during pregnancy normal?” You can read the article.

Diarrhea is one of the digestive system problems seen during pregnancy. Since diarrhea can occur for many reasons, its treatment varies. Diarrhea caused by viral infections should be evaluated separately and their treatment should be regulated. Is diarrhea normal during pregnancy? Is it a sign of birth? What is good for diarrhea during pregnancy? There are various answers to these questions. Click to read.

Causes of discharge during pregnancy vary according to the color and type of discharge and the accompanying symptoms. “Is the discharge normal during pregnancy? Why does it happen? When is it seen? ” In order to get the first answers to these questions, it is necessary to consult a specialist. There may be situations when it is mixed with the arrival of water, especially in the later weeks of pregnancy. The discharge that occurs during pregnancy, together with pain, itching or burning, may be a sign of ailments such as infection or fungus. Click for more information about discharge during pregnancy.

In addition to the spots on the face during pregnancy, it is also possible to encounter acne problems. Pimples and acne may begin to appear on the skin, just like in adolescence. Using acne medication in the face of this situation triggered by the hormonal change experienced during pregnancy is very unfavorable for pregnant women and affects the health of the fetus. Experts make specific recommendations for this period for the acne seen during pregnancy. Click for detailed information on “Skin care during pregnancy”.

Expectant mothers experience both physical and spiritual changes. Especially because of the growing abdomen, it becomes difficult to sleep comfortably, while problems such as heartburn and reflux make it difficult to fall asleep. Frequent urination and cramps that can be seen from the 24th week of pregnancy affect the quality of sleep. The use of medication is not among the recommendations that are good for insomnia during pregnancy. Instead, suggestions such as relaxing the physical environment and ensuring “sleep hygiene” are offered. Click for the article “Comfortable sleep suggestions for pregnant women”.

Shortness of breath is an unavoidable condition experienced during pregnancy. Due to the pressure exerted by the growing uterus on the internal organs and especially on the diaphragm muscle, pregnant women may have trouble breathing. Shortness of breath can bring to mind Covid-19 and similar possibilities, as well as due to changes specific to pregnancy. In addition to revealing the underlying causes, it is also important to apply some relaxing methods. “Causes shortness of breath during pregnancy, how does it go away?” Click for the text.

One of the interesting situations experienced during pregnancy is the changes in vision. Some expectant mothers may complain of blurred vision, especially with increased edema. This condition, which is associated with the changing fluid balance of the body, returns to normal sometimes rapidly and sometimes gradually after birth. Although it is experienced at a low rate, eye problems during pregnancy can be a harbinger of other conditions such as underlying high blood pressure and preeclampsia. In this respect, it is useful to consult a specialist, especially for problems such as sudden blurred vision. Click for “Blurred vision during pregnancy” information.

Every woman’s pregnancy journey is unique to herself and to her baby. It is exciting to follow the changes of this unique period regularly. Changes you will experience in your body every week during your pregnancy and your baby’s development. From our Week by Week Pregnancy section you can follow.

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