What is fitrah and zakat?  Where can you give it?

What is fitrah and zakat? Where can you give it?

The Supreme Council of Religious Affairs announced that the amount of fitre was determined as 28 TL for the period from the beginning of Ramadan 2021 to the beginning of Ramadan 2022. So, what is the fitrah, also known as frida alms? Here is the statement of the Supreme Board of Religious Affairs on this subject:

Sadaqah (sadaka-i fitir) known as fitrah among the people; as a thankfulness to be created as human beings and to fast Ramadan and reach eid; It is a sadaqah that is wajib for a Muslim who is rich in religion and reaches the end of Ramadan to give to certain people. A person is obliged to give fitrahs for himself and his young children. Hz. The Prophet stated that every Muslim, slave-free, big-small, male and female, needs fitrah.

Although the time for sadaqah alms to be wajib is on the first day of Ramadan, it can also be given before the eid. This is even more virtuous. However, it can also be given on the feast day or later. However, it is considered mustahab to give it before the eid prayer. The aim of the fitra is to meet the daily food of a poor person according to the life standard of the society he lives in, thus contributing to the joy of the eid.

Firat alms is given to poor Muslims to whom a person is not dependent. It is essential that anyone who has to give alms and fasting ransoms does not benefit directly or indirectly from them. The same rule applies to zakat. For this reason, a person cannot give his zakat, charity and ransom to his own method and fury. (Usûl is a person’s mother, father, grandfather and grandmother; fürûu is their children, grandchildren and their children.) Also, spouses cannot give zakat, fitrah and ransom to each other.

According to Hanafis, fitrah is not given to those who are listed below:

  • To mothers, fathers, grandparents,
  • The son, the children of the son, the daughter, the children of the daughter and children born therefrom,
  • To his wife,
  • The rich, that is, the person who owns the sufficient amount of property except for his essential needs,
  • The adolescent boy whose father was rich.

Zakat refers to a certain amount that should be given to certain people for the sake of Allah by those who have property in the amount (nisab) accepted as the measure of wealth by religion. Conditions for zakat to be fard; In addition to reaching the nisab, the goods are nominal (breeder / enhancer), one year has passed since the time of their ownership, more than a year’s debt and essential needs.

One of the conditions for zakat and fiir alms to be valid is assignment. Assignment refers to transferring the property right or a financial right on the property to someone else. In this respect, zakat and charity allegiance can be given to associations and institutions (by appointing a deputy to deliver them to the needy) that collect zakat and charity alms to be assigned to the poor in a separate fund and are managed by people who are trusted in all respects. The associations and foundations in question can receive zakat on behalf of those who are allowed to receive zakat, if they receive zakat from them for their treatment and to spend the zakat they receive on their behalf.

Associations where you can donate fitra, zakat and eid

Darüşşafaka Society

The Darüşşafaka Society, which has been providing free 8-year college-level education to students whose mothers or fathers are inadequate and whose mothers or fathers are not alive for 158 years with the mission of “equal opportunity in education”, is waiting for your charity, zakat and holiday donations during Ramadan.


You can also donate your fitrah, zakat and feast donations to LÖSEV. LÖSEV made the following statement on this subject: “Your donations for Fitra, Zakat and ransom are directly delivered to our families as material and food aid. They are not used for other purposes.”

Turkish Red Crescent

By giving your Fitrah aid to the Turkish Red Crescent, you can extend a helping hand to the needy people in the world and in many regions in our country during this Ramadan, just like every year, and you can be a part of the goodness chain with your fitre donations.


You can change a child’s life forever by donating your fitrah, zakat and feast donations to UNICEF.


With every donation you make to UCIM, you can provide financial and moral support to our children, and be a voice for children who cannot speak up.

Doctors of the World

You can share your zakat and fitra with the earth in order to be a hope for millions of hearts and cure for the most painful wounds.

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