What is Dead Hip Syndrome?  |  Health

What is Dead Hip Syndrome? | Health

During the pandemic, we spent most of our time sitting at home. Of course, this situation has caused widespread psychological and physiological disorders all over the world. Experts report that a condition called “Dead Butt Syndrome” (DBS) is also quite common.

As a physiotherapist at the University of Washington, Dr. Tyler Detmer explains that they use Dead Hip Syndrome not as an official medical diagnosis, but as a general term that encompasses many diagnoses. Just as a wide variety of disorders due to the sciatic nerve are called ‘sciatica’, this syndrome is considered a health problem that occurs in the hip region and can affect the whole body. However, the most obvious symptom of Dead Hip Syndrome is the numbness felt in the hips.

The muscles in the hips cannot get enough oxygen when too much inactivity and the nerves in the region are also affected by this situation. Sitting in a chair in front of the computer all day long, staying in long online conversations and all these constant activities, as well as walking very little, not moving the hips, are the biggest causes of damage to the hip muscles. Of course, these problems can also be accompanied by low back and leg pain, sciatica complaints and neck pain.

Depending on inactivity and tension in the muscles, inflammation may also occur in the body, in this case the feeling of pain may increase.

Things to consider to avoid Dead Hip Syndrome:

If you work at a desk, you should get up and move around the house at least every 30 minutes to an hour.

Small exercises such as stretching, squatting, and finger tapping will increase blood flow in the hip muscles and prevent pain-causing stiffness.

Even if you have to stay at home all the time, you can make time for 20-30 minute walks a day.

Make sure the chair you are sitting in is comfortable and supports your lower back. If necessary, use round pillows known as ‘sitting wheels’ or apparatus to support your waist.

Make sure your feet are comfortable enough while you work, place a booster under your feet if necessary.

Applying hot or cold compresses can help regulate blood flow in the hips, reducing numbness and pain.

If you feel that you have pain due to inflammation, you can use anti-inflammatory painkillers with the recommendation of your doctor.

If you have pain that lasts longer than 1-2 hours or that recurs every day, consult a physiotherapist.


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