What is called “femicide” and what is called “man’s murder”?

What is called “femicide” and what is called “man’s murder”?

CHP Istanbul Deputy Sera Kadıgil, “What is called ‘femicide’, what is called ‘murder of man’?” He brought the issue of “femicide” to the agenda through his speech, which started with the question and made statements to the general assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly on this issue.

Titles from Sera Kadıgil’s speech are as follows:

  • “Not every woman killed is a victim of femicide.”

  • “Women murdered because of their female identity because of their gender roles are victims of femicide. For example, Ayşe, married at the age of 45, vacuumed her hair for her children, was beaten to death by her husband for serving cold food. This is a woman’s murder. In another case of murder, 21-year-old university student Cansu went to the bar with her friends, met a boy there, and went to the hotel after the bar, and was found dead in the hotel the next morning. If you think of things like ‘broken testicle in the waterway’, know that this murder is also a femicide. For some, Cansu’s murder is not as dire as the first example, and this is gender inequality. “

  • “Let’s reverse this scenario: 30-year-old Emre met a girl at the bar, took the girl to her house and was killed by that girl. It’s a pity, isn’t it a man? What women! What happened to the man … This is exactly what we call gender inequality. If you grin at the murder and violence of Emre or a man by a woman, this is gender inequality … “

  • “In summary: As a society, you cannot say ‘I am fighting femicide’ until you feel sorry for Cansu as much as you feel sorry for Ayşe, or until you hear your sympathy for Emre with Cansu.”

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