What is body language?  |  Relationship

What is body language? | Relationship

An unfriendly person’s hands are usually more closed. Hands may be clenched, fisted, folded, or pocketed. Pay attention to how clenched the person’s hands are when talking; the tighter his hands, the more tense the person is. To understand what a person actually conveys through their body language, it is necessary to pay attention to how people act and how they present themselves. Is it close to you while speaking, is it open or closed, how is the head movements, does it touch you? Because they all have a meaning.

In the book titled ‘I Know What You Think’; It is pointed out that gestures, posture, and body position say something because the body is attempting to bring repressed emotions to the surface.

Someone who feels strong and confident usually occupies a larger personal space by opening their arms and legs and usually taking up more space. It is generally less self-confident for the person who returns to the fetal position and pulls his arms and legs towards him.

People who are arrogant, self-righteous, or think they are better than others do not get too close to anyone. Usually, those who physically separate themselves from others are those who feel threatened.

People who don’t like you or disagree with what you say have a closed stance. They keep their heads and torso upright and cross their arms over their chests. If they are in a sitting position, they can cross their legs above their knees.

If the arms are placed in the hips and the elbows are protruding from the sides of the body, it means “Stay away from me”. It is also a sign of extreme confidence and independence. Crossing the arms behind the back also shows openness. If a person looks like this, it means he doesn’t feel the need to protect himself.

If the person you are talking to has his head tilted, it means he is listening to you carefully. If he’s turning his head the other way, he doesn’t like what you said and he wants to create a barrier between you. If he shakes his head “yes” while you are talking, it means “I like you, you like me too”. These people are often insecure people who are afraid of rejection. If he moves his head forward he will have a hostile attitude, if he shakes his head fast or throws his head back, it is an indication of his arrogance.

An unfriendly person will usually have more closed hands. Hands may be clenched, fisted, folded, or pocketed. Pay attention to how clenched the person’s hands are when talking; the tighter his hands, the more tense the person is.

Those who shake hands with a firm grip are open and have nothing to hide. A strong handshake is associated with a strong character, while a weak handshake is usually associated with a weak character. If the other person tries to hold your hand by your fingertips or squeeze in a weak or inappropriate, suspicious manner, this is an indication that they will not bond with you.

People who do not touch the other person are often strict and formal persons with a great sense of insecurity. They can have many neurotic habits and are often afraid of other people. They usually love solitude and are often selfish, selfish people.

If someone’s feet are side by side, they are firmly on the ground and looking directly at you, that person is likely to be sincere, open, and balanced. If one foot rests on the outer edge or heel, that person may actually be someone who strikes the person in the back. Well, it’s possible that he’s lying too.

Legs outstretched in front of a person, whether their legs are crossed or not, indicate that that person is a dominant person. Those who sit in this way can be strong-willed, stubborn people who can display bully behavior. This appears to be an egocentric behavior in their efforts to be noticed.

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