What is birth preparation training?  |  Pregnancy

What is birth preparation training? | Pregnancy

For a better and more satisfying birth experience, childbirth training can make a big difference. Nowadays, it is possible to reach birth preparation training suitable for every family. If you are thinking of taking birth preparation training during pregnancy, you can find everything you need to know in this guide.

The trainings given by educated and experienced professionals in the field, which include a lot of information from how the birth process is to what should be done during the birth, and the methods that can make life easier in pregnancy, birth and puerperium, is called birth preparation training.

Some childbirth preparation training includes 3-4 hours of short lectures and presentations, while others can last for a few weeks. However, long-lasting trainings are also organized not on consecutive days, for example, trainings that you can attend all day on weekends for 4 weeks.

Learning with experts, how labor begins and progresses, what you can do during the birth process and how to facilitate your changing life after birth, helps you to have a more positive pregnancy process and also facilitates your birth. Being aware of your options makes you aware of what you want and don’t want about your birth, so you can prepare yourself in advance for a more satisfying birthing experience. Participating in a childbirth training is highly recommended, especially if it’s your first birth, if you somehow have negative feelings and thoughts about the birth, haven’t witnessed the story of someone giving birth around you, or just heard negative experiences.

Expectant mothers can attend almost all childbirth preparation training together with their partners. In many trainings, participation of spouses is especially encouraged. Fathers as well as mothers may experience various fears and worries during pregnancy, and the best way to overcome these fears is to be informed. At the same time, prospective fathers who attend childbirth training with their spouses have more positive feelings about having a child and can support their spouses better after birth.

In our country, only midwives could give birth preparation trainings in the past, but with the increasing demand for these trainings in recent years, more birth professionals have started to receive certificates to become childbirth preparation trainers and the number of training institutions has also increased. In order to become a childbirth educator, it is necessary to attend a training that lasts for a few months and to get a certificate. You can safely attend the trainings organized by a doctor or a midwife with this certificate or a doula.

You can best decide which one will be the best childbirth training. After taking the time, doing a good research and asking the questions in your mind, you should choose the training that feels most satisfying to you.

Birth preparation training of private hospitals can sometimes be given by doctors, midwives and other health personnel. In the birth preparation centers, there are trainings organized by trainers with ‘birth preparation instructors’ certificate. You can question the competence, certificate and experience of the person you will receive training.

Some childbirth training courses take a day or a few, while others may continue for several weeks. Of course, the contents can change according to the duration of the training. If the contents are suitable for you and you can attend regularly, it can be said that long-lasting trainings will be more beneficial. Because during a long training you will have time to consolidate what you have learned and to practice preparatory work with other prospective parents who attended the training. If you are going to attend a one-day course, you should make sure that the content is satisfactory for you.

A standard birth preparation training basically includes descriptive topics such as the progress of the birth, interventions that can be used in birth, methods of coping with pain at birth, and what can be done after birth. Some modules such as maternity yoga, breastfeeding and baby care information, safe baby carrying and first aid can also be included in some trainings. You should find out if the training is suitable for you by asking in advance which subjects will be focused on during the entire training.

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