What has changed in your life as you move from your 20s to your 30s?

What has changed in your life as you move from your 20s to your 30s?

When you got sick in your 20s, you used to stay at home for a maximum of two days and then continue your normal life, right? When you lean on the stairs to your 30s, it seems as if the situation has changed a little more … Welcome to the periods when you will run to the doctor and try to get a report even in the slightest cold!

What wouldn’t you give to see a message or call from your lover or friends on your phone in the early years of your youth! But when you reach your 30s, you are tired of phone calls and even pray for your phone to be silent.

After you reach a certain age, you stop trying to make a crowded environment and start being happier with your friends who are short and concise. Remember, it is not important to have a lot of friends but to have a lot of friends!

As time goes by, you make peace with each gram you take on your mind because you bought it in your 20s, and you accept yourself as you are. You are already beautiful in every way 🙂

In the first years you started your career, you wanted to achieve something and feel like you were a beneficial individual for the world. For this, you were trying very hard and sometimes even getting ambitious. As time passes, your ambition will slowly disappear, and you will only be looking for a desire in yourself to go to work. Don’t forget to reveal that ambitious child inside you, albeit from time to time!

In your 20s, you would never miss a friend’s birthday, try to catch up with all festivals and make a plan for each weekend. But that’s not the case anymore. Unless you have to be in a social environment, it is the most comfortable for you to take your cola and your jeep and spend time in front of the television. (PS: We think sometimes you have to force yourself to get out!)

It used to be fun and simple for you to make spontaneous plans. But now you like to be more planned. Planning your holidays and places to visit in advance makes you feel more comfortable. Besides, you have too much responsibility to keep up with spontaneous plans anymore, right? Put those aside and try to live in the moment. Sometimes it’s best to make small getaways;)

Not having a girlfriend was actually not such a big problem in your 20s. But when you reach your 30s – you don’t know if it is because of the fear of getting old – even watching a movie about loneliness only starts to cause you to fear that you will grow old. Actually, there is no such thing. There are good sides to being alone too, remember.

You may not feel as young as before, but remember, many beautiful things await you. Enjoy it!

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