What happens to your body when you eat too much?

What happens to your body when you eat too much?

Although most people are unaware of this issue, ‘binge eating syndrome’ is the most common eating disorder among adults. This syndrome brings with it serious health problems. That’s why it’s important to keep control of how much you eat. So what happens in your body when you eat too much food?

The foods you eat are primarily obliged to provide you with energy, and then the waste parts are prepared to be removed from the body. This process is also called digestion. So when you eat too much, you become overloaded on your body. As a result, your bowel movements may be faster than normal and you may even have diarrhea. While eating slowly and chewing can help prevent these consequences, avoiding overeating is the best solution. If you are on a day when you are uncomfortable because you eat too much, remember to drink plenty of water. Because your body will cause you to lose water while trying to digest what you eat.

If you eat more than you normally eat, your heart rate will speed up and you will start to sweat. This is because you are overloading your metabolism. Unfortunately, there is no way to eliminate this situation. When your metabolism is done, everything goes back to normal.

With every bite you put in your mouth, you also swallow some air. So the more food you eat, the more air you swallow. If you drink carbonated beverages with your meal, the amount of air you swallow increases. At the same time, your body produces gas as it digests what you eat. It is recommended that you eat less and swallow slowly and chewing so that you can reduce the amount of air entering your mouth.

It’s normal to feel tired and sleepless when you eat too much. Eating too much food disrupts the hormones that regulate sleep in your body. In addition, if the food you eat is rich in carbohydrates, you will wake up hungry in the morning because your sugar will drop at night, even if you sleep on time. It is possible that you may have trouble sleeping due to overeating and feel dizzy at the same time. The reason for this is the acceleration of your metabolism and therefore your heart rhythm.

The reason you feel tense and angry or unable to focus on the task at hand is because your body is trying to digest the food you eat. When we eat too much, your body releases the hormone insulin to store the excess sugar you take for later use. Storing this sugar for later use when your blood sugar drops will cause your sugar to drop suddenly, which makes you uneasy. The strange thing here is that even if you eat a lot, you feel hungry because your hormone levels change.

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