What does it mean to be introverted?

What does it mean to be introverted?

The concept of introversion was first introduced by psychiatrist Carl G. Jung in the early 1900s. According to Jung, being introverted or extroverted can be defined by looking at the person’s social preferences and the decrease or increase in energy. Introverted personality types are comfortable in environments with as few stimuli as possible and prefer to turn inward and stay with themselves in order to renew and strengthen. Extroverts, on the other hand, prefer to be connected with others and feel energized in social situations.

As a result of research conducted by psychologists Jennifer Grimes, Jonathan Cheek and Julie Norem in 2011, it was revealed that there can be 4 different types of introvert personality: social, thoughtful, anxious and.

Personality types defined as social introverts prefer solitude more often than most people, but although they like to be alone, they also enjoy getting together with family and close friends from time to time.

Key characteristics of social introverts:

  • They prefer small and intimate meetings.

  • They like to hang out and travel alone.

  • They need to be alone to refresh themselves, it is important for them to spend enough time with themselves, especially when they are in a relationship.

  • They usually accept social invitations even if they won’t attend.

  • In terms of dating, they may prefer online dating as well as face-to-face meetings.
  • Because they are analytical people, they prefer to follow their intuition when they meet someone.

  • They want to date where they can enjoy it and avoid unnecessary chatter.

People with the thoughtful introvert personality type come to the fore with their cognitive features by nature. They enjoy intellectuality, they like to work on a subject, read, learn and do research. The thoughtful type introvert may answer questions that are often asked of them by saying, ‘I need to think about this’.

Experts say that people they describe as thoughtful or thinking introverts can often get lost in their own thoughts. Thoughtful introverts are described as more inclined to self-analysis than average introverts, curious about creative activities, more communicative and self-aware, rather than direct response to questions or accusations. Flirting with a thoughtful introvert also requires giving him the opportunity for slow, hesitant conversations. Experts are of the opinion that it may be useful for people with this personality type to report these characteristics to the other party in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Introverts who are more quiet, borderline, or anxious in their relationships are defined as anxious introverts. This feature can cause people to avoid people and social environments that can trigger anxiety. Anxious introverts may seem rude at times because they avoid social situations too much, but their tendency to introvert is entirely due to their self-confidence and protection orientation. They don’t like to step out of their comfort zone. Often, and in most cases, they seem slightly anxious. They tend to avoid many activities, mostly social events.

Experts say that anxious introverts may have difficulties in romantic relationships, but still be successful. They can feel comfortable especially with people they meet through their close friends or on dates with their close friends. They can flirt in a pleasant way as long as they don’t force themselves to go out of their comfort zone and take care of their comfort.

Moderate introversion is also defined as reserved introversion. Moderate introverts, who prefer to keep their doors closed until others try to get to know them, are known for being overly thoughtful, kind, and firm, rather than being shy or avoidant.

Researchers state that the restrained introvert personality type may also be far from emotional. They are thought to have a rock-solid, controlled energy, and often prefer silence and move slowly, with a sense of duty. They like predictable activities and prefer tactical slowness in almost everything. When it comes to relationships, it is known that moderate introverts are more closed, do not reveal themselves until they feel close enough, and they need time in a relationship. Although this may seem boring at first, they can display a very fun and passionate attitude later in the relationship.

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