What does alkali mean?  |  Health

What does alkali mean? | Health

The acid balance of our body is one of the important factors affecting our health in general. When the pH balance of the body is disturbed and an acidic environment forms, a favorable environment is created for the development of diseases and cancerous cells. Aiming to stay away from acidic foods and maintain the body’s alkaline balance, the alkaline diet also helps to maintain the pH level in the bloodstream. Containing chemicals that also strengthen the immune system alkaline foodsConsuming I helps strengthen the immune system to protect against various diseases:

1- Turpgiller

Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and brussels sproutsIis among the healthiest foods that can be eaten to strengthen the immune system and maintain the body’s alkaline balance. While the antioxidants and vitamins they contain strengthen immunity, they also help the body purify from harmful chemicals.

2- Greens

Fresh greens are among the best known alkaline foods. Kale, spinach, collard greens especially dark leafy greens, such as abundant Vitamin C. It contains immune system protectors. Contains E vitamins and folate also helps prevent disease and purify metabolism. They can be consumed undercooked in meals, raw in salads or in smoothies. Click to read the smoothie recipe …

3- Mushrooms

Mushrooms with high alkaline properties contain plenty of zinc, one of the minerals that stimulate the immune system. It is known that zinc, especially when taken with vitamin C, provides protection against many viral diseases. Make sure to include other types of mushrooms in your diet, as well as the easily available cultivated mushrooms, oyster mushrooms or chestnut mushrooms. Click to read the recipe for creamy mushroom soup …

4- Onion and garlic

One of the first to come to mind when it comes to preventive food from diseases onion and garlicIt is also among the best alkaline foods. The chemical component called quercetin they contain supports the regeneration of metabolism as a very good antioxidant and protects against diseases. Click to read antioxidant nutrition article …

5- Avokado

The chemical component called glutathione in the avocado fruit is one of the most effective in fighting infections in the body. In addition to regulating the pH balance in the blood, eating regular avocados, plenty of healthy fiber, K vitaminsVitamin E, potassium and magnesium also allows you to get. Click to read the benefits of avocado …

6- Limon

We don’t even need to count the benefits of lemon, but it should be reminded that it is a very good alkaline food and one of the best and easiest foods we can consume to support our immune system. Mix it into your water or soda, squeeze it into your salad, add it to your tea … Never miss the lemon that will stimulate your immune system and support your alkaline balance. Click to read the benefits of lemon …

7- Brazil nut

Brazil nut, which has just started to be consumed in our country, is the nut with the best selenium content in the world. Selenium, one of the important minerals for the immune system, not only protects against diseases but also helps improve mood. Click to read the benefits of the Brazilian nut …


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