What does a modern woman expect from a man?

What does a modern woman expect from a man?

‘A modern woman doesn’t need me for my money or other means. What is needed is my masculine being as a whole. That I am totally there as a whole; wants to know that I see it deeply, feel it, and that I am not going anywhere. ‘

Women don’t need men as they used to.

We live in an important period in which women gain social and economic equality with men. They no longer need us for resources such as security, money, food, social power.

Which is great! For human progress, women must have equal influence and access through society.

But we can still be counted at a confusing time for most of us. Especially when it comes to close relationships.

There is still a disproportionate social pressure on men that they have to fund the woman when they are with a woman. In our world, where getting what you want easily is measured by money, a car, a house, or other material things, these are in a way a testament to the masculine heroism and validity of men.

However, none of this is enough to measure men’s hearts.

Many modern women, even those who have predominantly masculine energies in their lives, want to know that their partner cares for him and will always be there for him. She wants to make sure she won’t leave her because she knows that there are many men who mentally leave her even though they physically stay in the same room.

Can a man manage to exist even when the relationship becomes strained? Can a man love a woman completely, in any case, even when a woman exhibits irrational and difficult behaviors, even when she unwittingly puts herself into an obvious problem that the man cannot solve? These are the things that really measure a man’s heart.

With a strong feminine essence, women crave to relax in the strength and care of their masculine partner. He wants to know that he can trust him, see value and do whatever it takes to keep him safe.

If a man is able to be completely with the woman with his heart, mind and body, he knows that he can relax and follow this man wherever he goes. Even if he has to go a long way to reach the man. If the man does not support the woman (or does not know how to do this), the woman still wants a man who can support her even if she has all the money in the world. Either he tries to find such a person out of the man in his life, or he seeks masculinity in his children, at work or in himself, by closing his heart and body elsewhere.

Every man can present his loving presence to his partner. His money can influence where he lives or vacation, but he can never measure his worth as a man. Money also cannot buy harmony in a relationship …

Article: Bryan Reeves

Translated by: Dilara Preserve

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