What do you call a rapist?  |  Sound of Life

What do you call a rapist? | Sound of Life

It is a pity that our first struggle in attacks against women is not to fight against violence, murder and perversion itself. First, “What was he doing?” We are struggling with the mentality that brings the question to mind and language.

When we step through our struggle with mentality, another handicap like a wall emerges. The name of our new challenge: Expressions… Softened expressions… Let me tell you what needs to be said at the end, rape is rape. “Qualified sexual assault” is a softened expression. A rapist is a rapist, a pervert. It is perverse. He needs rehabilitation and during this time it is dangerous to take part in society.

If we have survived these two struggles, we face a much more painful truth than the other two situations. Legal issues… Good behavior and incentive discounts…

Let’s take a case of femicide, which was decided only a week ago: “Bekir Erkol, who murdered Tuba Erkol with a knife in 46 places in Konya, was given a good behavior discount. Bekir Erkol, who killed Tuba Erkol, to whom he was married 2 years ago, is on trial. The case was decided. Tuba Erkol filed a complaint against the man who abused her on August 18, 2020 and ordered her to be suspended from the house. Two days after the suspension decision, Bekir Erkol killed the woman. At the end of the investigation conducted while the suspect man was arrested, she was accused of ‘deliberately killing her husband with a monstrous feeling’ “The indictment was prepared with a request for aggravated life imprisonment for the crime. The court board sentenced Bekir Erkol to an aggravated prison sentence before the crime of ‘deliberately killing his wife’. Then, the sentence was reduced to 18 years and 4 months, taking into account that he committed the crime under unjust provocation and his good behavior at the hearing.”

When you listen to the massacres against women and read only two news about the subject, you want to do something to loosen your throat, right? For example, I wanted to write, for example, artists tried to be the voice of silent women with various social responsibility projects… Or, for example, we do not remain silent about the event and share it on our social media accounts…

Actress Ezgi Mola has been sued for not keeping quiet about the massacre of women because of one of those posts. She is being imprisoned for up to 2 years and 4 months.

Did your hair flutter?

I was truly speechless.

Let’s go to the beginning of this story and give a brief summary of what happened: 18-year-old İpek Er, who lives in the Beşiri district of Batman, attempted to commit suicide with a gun on July 16, leaving a letter in which she told that she was sexually assaulted by Musa Orhan, who works in Siirt. Er died in the hospital where he was treated for 34 days. In the letter İpek left behind before committing suicide, an arrest warrant was issued for Musa Orhan, who he claimed had sexually assaulted him. Afterwards, Orhan surrendered to the Provincial Security Directorate. Orhan, who was transferred to the courthouse after his interrogation at the police station, was arrested on 19 August. Orhan’s lawyer, Dr. Mehmet Erkan Akkuş, in his application to the Siirt 2nd Heavy Penal Court, appealed that his client had no suspicion of escaping, and Orhan was ordered to be released. This eviction caused a great reaction on social media.

One of those reactions belonged to Ezgi Mola, who is known for her sensitivity on these issues. Mola shared the following on his social media account:

Today, Musa Orhan’s lawyer, Mehmet Erkan Akkuş, filed a criminal complaint with the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office due to this post he made to Ezgi Mola on August 20, 2020. In the indictment prepared within the scope of the investigation, Mola was sentenced to 2 years and 4 months in prison for ‘insulting with an audio, written or video message’ and ‘insult’. The indictment was accepted by the Ankara 31st Criminal Court of First Instance and a lawsuit was filed against Mola.

What can we say?

What else can we call a rapist other than a rapist?

People who are against those who protect the harasser, rapist, and aggressor, who act with their conscience and stand by the good and support them, are only thanked.

As a woman, I thank you for not being silent and being sensitive. Well done Ezgi Mola…

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