What diseases does the pandemic trigger?  |  Life

What diseases does the pandemic trigger? | Life

It is no surprise that the stress, isolation and disruption of our routines during the coronavirus pandemic will harm our health. The consequences of these effects are now reflected in hospitals. Healthcare professionals state that there is an increase in health problems as a result of the pandemic process. At the same time, the disruption of the annual controls has a big share in this.

So, which health problems are more common now? What should those who experience these do?

American Ophthalmologist Jenifer Wademan “I’ve definitely seen an increase in digital eyestrain. I’ve seen dry, tired, inflamed, watery, cloudy eyes and headache complaints due to increased time spent by phones, computers and television among adults working from home and students attending their classes online,” he says.

To combat this, Dr. Wademan suggests the 20-20-20 rule:

“Remember don’t take your eyes off the screen every 20 minutes and look for 20 seconds at something at least 20 feet away from you.” He adds: “At the same time, you should reduce your screen brightness, especially in the evening, or use your device in night mode to be less exposed to blue rays.”

Dr. “Neck, back, and shoulder pain have become common problems for many people who have spent the past year working from home. Kitchen corners, soft sofas, and even beds have become the workplace for most people. Repetitive squeezing from improper posture also show results a year later.” he says.

If you too suffer from this problem, Dr. Richardson recommends yawning frequently, shrugging your shoulders and, in more advanced cases, undergo physiotherapy treatment. In addition, he warns, “If you are not planning to return to the office in the near future, it is time to invest in more comfortable chairs and tables, or to organize your workspace in a way that reduces strain on your shoulders.”

Click to watch our video of yoga movements useful for neck pain.

Dr. Blood pressure problems also started to increase, according to Richarson. Dr. “For some people, this problem was caused by their inability to go to doctor’s checks. For others, their eating habits got worse and they were unable to exercise because of working from home,” said Richardson.

Stress is also a big factor in this regard. Dr. “Intensive work requirements and social isolation can have a serious effect on the body. I was surprised when I realized how big of stress stress can have on blood pressure,” says Richardson, and the doctor recommends that you never fail your check-ups.

US internal medicine specialist Hemalee Patel notes that when factors such as excessive weight gain, stress, and increased alcohol consumption are combined with disrupting physician controls, these diseases result in unrecognized and unidentified. Therefore, he underlines that it is important to have a check-up as soon as possible.

“We’re seeing a huge increase in symptoms of COVID-induced anxiety, depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,” says Dr. Yvette Visconte, from the US. Dr. Vistonte notes that more children and older people experienced more symptoms of anxiety and depression due to the feeling of isolation in the past year. We also see them obsessively cleaning or disinfecting for hours. “

Moreover, people also experience post-traumatic stress disorder associated with the pandemic. Experts do this “COVID UN” He calls it specifically. US neurosurgeon Paul Kaloostian also says that many of his patients have encountered COVID OCD cases, from COVID survivors to the loss of a relative due to COVID.

If you are also struggling with any mental health problem, try seeing a specialist. A mental health professional will assist you in dealing with your symptoms.

Regarding tooth fractures, caries and other dental problems, Dentist Jeffrey Sulitzer says, “In cases who avoid coming to the dentist, I see an increase in tooth fracture, caries that need filling and jaw pain.”

Sulitzer states that these problems are caused by the lack of attention to oral hygiene (in other words, not brushing the teeth regularly or not using ropes), use of tobacco products, increased alcohol consumption and stress. For this reason, it emphasizes the importance of prioritizing annual dental checks and having dental cleaning procedures.

US Gynecologist Natalya E. Danilyants of millions of women endometriozis and fibroid He says he suffers from complex gynecological problems such as, and says they have not had the necessary treatments in the past year.

Dr. “Surgery to treat these problems was deemed ‘optional’ by hospitals and ultimately canceled,” Danilyants says. “Timely intervention is of paramount importance, and delayed treatments lead to more severe symptoms and complex situations over time,” he adds.

Dermatologist Alexa B. Kimball, one of the professors of Harvard Medical School, says: “It was noticed that cluster hair loss started to increase especially in women in the autumn of 2020”. This situation telogen effulivum and is often caused by stress, illness, or pregnancy.

Dr. “When this occurs, the internal hair clocks synchronize and result in hair loss, as seen in changes in air temperature in other mammals,” says Kimball. Despite being a scary situation, Dr. Kimball points out that the problem usually goes away on its own. “The hair loss and regrowth cycle usually takes about 4 months. You have to wait.” However, if you have other concerns, it may be helpful to see a doctor. There may be another disease underlying hair loss that needs to be diagnosed and treated.

A new type of skin problem that develops due to wearing a mask ‘maskne’ it has become a more common problem now. Dermatologist Geeta Sah also emphasizes that when wearing a mask, special attention should be paid to your skin cleanliness and that the skin should be kept moist.

“I recommend my patients to clean their skin twice a day with a sensitive cleanser and then use a moisturizer,” said Dr. Sah says that facial rashes and burns due to rose disease are also on the rise during this period.

“Masks can put pressure on the cheeks, chin and nose, which can cause redness, irritation and cracking of the capillaries,” said Dr. Sah reminds us of the importance of using sunscreen and emphasizes that sun exposure can make rashes worse.

“Previously social drinkers stated that they consumed too much alcohol during this period and could not give up because they were afraid of deprivation,” said Dr. S. Monty Ghosh states that isolation, interruption of work routine, stress and unemployment are the main factors affecting this situation. Stating that people in this situation should definitely get professional support, Dr. Gosh says drug therapy can also be applied when necessary.

Gastroenterologist Austin Garza states that there is an increase in cases of advanced colon cancer. The reason for this is that the controls are delayed and the patients hesitate to go to the hospital about their health problems due to the fear of COVID-19. Doctors state that other types of cancer are also on the rise, and they point out that screenings such as colonoscopy and mammogram are of great importance for taking preventive measures here.

Translated by: Dilara Preserve

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