What did I experience 4 days after the first dose of Biontech vaccine?

What did I experience 4 days after the first dose of Biontech vaccine?

The issue of vaccination against the Corona Virus (Kovid-19), which caused the epidemic of the century that swept the world, entered my agenda as it started to include 50-year-old citizens on June 1.

I had my first overdose last Saturday, June 5th.

While I recommend Sinovac to everyone because it is inactive, I this time; On the grounds that I do not have a chronic illness and that, according to experts, its protection is higher than Sinovac, perhaps it may create a short holiday to Europe and there may be a possibility that the Chinese vaccine will not be accepted in EU countries. Also, according to what I heard from my people, I could not get an appointment from the system for Sinovac vaccine – appointment I haven’t tried taking it, I’m their liar on this one – and without wasting any more time I got the Biontech shot to get vaccinated right away. Also, according to what I heard from a medical doctor on TV; If I get Corona after being vaccinated, I preferred the Biontech vaccine because it reduces my risk of infecting my environment and my two children under 16 years of age with whom I live. On the other hand, I knew that in the first week after the Biontech vaccine, there were more common cold effects than with the Sinovac vaccine; I took this into consideration while getting the Biontech vaccine.

The Anatolian Health Sciences University Sultan Abdulhamid Han Training and Research Hospital in Istanbul Kadıköy, that is, the polyclinic right across the former Haydarpaşa Gülhane Military Medical Academy (GATA) Emergency, was reserved for the “Corona Vaccine”. My appointment last Saturday was at this hospital at 1:10pm. It was almost half an hour before my vaccinations were due.

One or two wooden picnic tables around and the wooden benches on either side caught my attention, there were no warning signs. There were people sitting on the benches. On one side of the faux leather seats of metal benches for two, there was an inscription saying please do not sit here.

“This paper needs to be filled”

Before entering the vaccination clinic, a table by the door, on it; There was a bundle of preprinted documents and pens, printed and reproduced on A4 paper. As I waited for my turn to receive and fill out the paperwork, I overheard two men next to me talking. One of them fills in the blanks in the documents with the pen in his hand, the other; “Yes, you have to fill this paper, it is not difficult at all, here is the pen, you can fill it easily, don’t worry, it’s not difficult,” he said in a wise manner. What he said is not difficult was the person’s own phone number, name, TC number, date of that day and signature under the information text about the Biontech vaccine at the top of the page.

The only thing that stuck with the man on this printed paper that anyone could easily fill in was history.

The man, with a meddlesome smile, said to the man with a meddlesome smile, as if he had just come before him and completed the paperwork; “You have to throw out today’s date, right?” said. From the slight tremor in his voice, the man immediately understood; he actually said what day of june today is what he meant, “June 5th”, confidently. The shaky man was stuck on the second number this time too… Just to be sure, “5.6.2021 huh?” said. While filling out the paperwork in advance and leaving the pen in his hand on the table, the other one; “Hey, you’re going to write 6… 5.6, it’s easy, very easy,” he said, and headed for the door of the vaccination clinic. I filled out my own paperwork at the end of the table, observing social distancing, and the other man was still trying to fill in the blanks when I signed and put the pen down.

I went inside with the paperwork in my hand.

Where is room 8?

In the clinic, there was no one waiting in line for vaccinations in front of the rooms lined up along the long and wide corridor. Since it was specifically mentioned when making an appointment, I looked for the word “Biontech” on the doors, assuming that Sinovac vaccine was given in some rooms, it said “Room 8” in my appointment information… When I couldn’t see it, I asked the security woman whose desk was on the left at the entrance of the clinic door. ” I said.

Pointing immediately to the first room on the left, he said, “You can get your vaccine here.” “My appointment time hasn’t come yet,” I said, it was 12.45. “It doesn’t matter, you go,” he said. Meanwhile, the woman from the old couple in the room was finished, the old man holding his wife’s clothes on his arm had already thanked the nurses and wished them a good day… It was my turn…

When I stepped into the empty room, the nurse standing took the paperwork in my hand; I heard him say my name, birth year, and father’s name to the other nurse sitting at the table at the entrance through the door. I thought for a moment that I didn’t write my father’s name on that paper I filled out, I wasn’t sure…

I didn’t even come as a couple like before. While I was thinking, I wish I had a square photo, the words “I wish I had a square photo shooter” came out of my mouth. “Do you want to take a picture?” said the nurse sitting at the table, “Yes,” I said. “I will help,” he said. During this conversation, my hand was on my cell phone, I immediately turned on the photo mode. I thanked him and left my phone on his desk. “Sit on the stretcher, you can put your bag aside, take off your jacket,” the standing nurse said.

“I wore sleeveless for convenience,” I said, taking off the jacket. The nurses didn’t say anything about it, only the nurse with the syringe; “Are you ready for the vaccine?” he asked. “I said yes. The nurse, who was sitting at the table to take the photo, said, “Are you ready for the photo?” In the meantime, I don’t know what to do with my hands; I took strength in myself by grabbing my wrists together and saying, “Is this good?” I said. Meanwhile, the nurse with the syringe inserted the needle into my arm, not from the shoulder, but from a point quite low. It was already one thing to remove it with a stud. I expected him to give me a piece of cotton, he did not. “Don’t rub. Don’t do anything. You may have cold-like complaints for a week – 10 days, you can drink Parol. Now, wait somewhere close to 15 minutes. When you feel good, you can go home. You can make an appointment for the second dose after July 19,” he said.

I thanked him and took my phone and left the room. I headed to the seats in front of the vaccination polyclinic. I wanted to sit on the artificial leather bench, which is for two people in the shadow of the emergency building, but only one person is allowed to sit due to the written warning printed on it. I stood for a while, thinking that one cannot sit without wiping.

Then the crowd around the filing table at the entrance got crowded. At the door of the clinic, the line for entry to vaccination began to form and this line began to lengthen.

I was too lazy to delete it, I got to the bank without deleting it and started watching people. It was a little past 1:00 pm.

It means that it was secluded when I arrived because it was noon. I looked at the people who came out holding their left arm. People were coming out of the door of the building to the garden as soon as their clothes were grazed, their hands were over the vaccination spot. A man had taken off his bare shoulder from the wide collar of his shirt, a woman was holding the graft point four to five fingers below his left bare shoulder, which came out of the collar of his shirt, which he had unbuttoned from above. I think they gave them cotton, but they told me not to rub, do nothing, I thought.

Meanwhile, 15 minutes had passed. I got up and threw it over my shoulder without wearing my jacket, and I started walking down the tree-lined path from the front of the Emergency building to the hospital door. After walking out of the hospital’s door to the street, I walked the 1-kilometer road to the house in the scorching June sun and plunged into my homework.

It started to make itself felt

That day; It was heavy on the Saturday when I got the vaccine, at 6 pm, and when I lifted my arm, I felt it hurt. I was reminded of the vaccinations in primary school days… So, I said, “The vaccine of the century that will make you feel.”

As the hours passed, it really started to hurt to lift my arm. It wasn’t much, but it still felt heavy on my arm. Meanwhile, there was a tickling in my throat, vaguely. At one point, I think my saliva got into my windpipe, I felt the need to cough one after another, but it didn’t hurt, I just coughed, then it passed. When I lay on my bed to sleep at night, I realized that I should not sleep on my left side. I didn’t want to put my body weight on my left arm, I had a burning and a slight patch on my arm. I turned to my right and slept. I fell asleep without thinking about being the first vaccine of the century against Corana, the virus.

When I opened my eyes the next day; My left arm, which had been grafted, was better than last night. But while breathing, I felt like my nose was very slightly stuffy. My nose was slightly congested all night. I swallowed to check if there was anything in my throat. I felt something light in the back of my throat, but not in my tonsils. I swallowed, it didn’t hurt, it was a throat condition that I had known from time to time from last winter. So, I thought, we had a little bit of a deal with Corona. Meanwhile, I felt a momentary pain in my wrist. It just passed. Then I couldn’t lift my arm again during the day and when I swallowed, a feeling of fullness in the back of my throat lasted all day. I never felt the need to sleep. In the afternoon, right next to my stomach, a spot that I couldn’t understand was a little bit of pain. One moment, just. Before I had time to think about what’s going on, it passed quickly

The evening of the second day passed vaguely compared to the evening of the first day. When I went to bed at night, I thought that if I slept on my left side, nothing would happen. I even folded my arm for a while and lay on it, had a good night’s sleep without feeling anything.

3rd day calm, post neck pain

When I wake up in the morning; As I swallowed, I felt the feeling of fullness in the back of my throat rise a little more towards my tonsils. But I didn’t feel any trouble while swallowing. The day and night passed just as calmly.

Today, on the fourth day, around noon, a stiffness started suddenly on the left side of my neck. In a short time, I realized that I had difficulty in turning my head to my left, that I involuntarily brought my left hand to my neck and held it. This lasts for an hour or two, a sharp neck pain compared to the previous day, I think it will continue throughout the day. As I write these lines, even though the pain in my neck gets lighter than in the afternoon, I have a hard time keeping my head down right now. Also, this sharp pain in my neck makes itself felt towards the middle of my back.

The next days, I think I will not experience any significant pain. Meanwhile, four days after vaccination; I’ve never felt bad until I took a parol and I didn’t take any medicine. Hopefully it won’t be needed anymore.

Wishing everyone a cure.

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