What can we do for stray animals?

What can we do for stray animals?

As the weather got colder, hard times began for street animals. Stray animals have to find food and maintain their body temperature in these cold winter days. So what can be done for stray animals in these cold winter days? Kadıköy Municipality has compiled a few steps that are small for you and big for them.

The best thing is that you open the doors of your home to an animal, a dear friend. It will not take you long to realize how big a difference living with him will make in your life. Your dear friend will soon get used to the house and enjoy it.

If the conditions of your home are not suitable for an animal to stay for a long time, host injured or sick animals for a short time.

Make a small space for them in your office. You will soon see that all office workers are friendly. If the living conditions in the office are not suitable, you can build a hut in front of your workplace and put food and water containers, you will save the life of an animal and support it.

When cats look for warm places, one of the first places they go is under cars or their engines. Make sure to check if there is a cat on the wheel or engine before starting your car.

Cat and dog houses, which can be made of cardboard, plastic or wood, mean that they are a sheltered home for stray animals. These houses, which are very easy to build, need to be covered with nylon to be resistant to rain and snow. If you cannot do anything, you can cover an empty cardboard box with a nylon bag and create an environment where a tilt stray cat can stay and warm at least for a short time.

Water is life for animals. Make sure you have a bowl of water for stray animals. Metal or steel water containers freeze water quickly, it makes more sense to put water in plastic containers and pay attention to the warmth of these water instead of putting water in such containers during the winter months. If you drop a drop of olive oil into the water, you can prevent the water from freezing.

Like humans, animals can become more vulnerable to disease during the winter months. Even a small cold they get through can sometimes endanger their lives. In order to prevent this situation and strengthen their immune systems, you can add vitamin supplements that you can get from veterinarians to the water container you put on the street.

It is not possible for street animals to find food, especially when it snows. You can buy food sold for street animals in the markets and spend five minutes on your way home in the evening and leave food in food containers or dry areas. For a small fee, you can buy offal from the butcher and put it on the roadside for animals. If you can’t get food, you can give them leftovers at home. Do not give bad food to animals. For animals whose resistance is reduced in cold weather, even a case of diarrhea can be fatal.

Birds do not approach like cats and dogs, but for them, you can sprinkle breadcrumbs in front of your window or hang pieces of bread on the branches of trees in your garden. You can also put wheat grains or wet bread in a pet bottle cut in half and hang it on tree branches.

If you see an animal that you think is injured or sick, do not leave it to its fate. Notify the nearest municipality. When you see an animal that trembles excessively, it is likely that it is suffering from hypothermia, you should take it into your home and warm it slowly.

If there is an animal shelter in the district where you live, it means there are many animals in this shelter, especially during the winter months. Thanks to the food donations you make to the shelters, you can ensure that the needs of many more animals are met. Blankets and old newspapers you don’t use will be of great use to them.

Love is a basic need for all living things. Do not take your love and affection away from them. Do not forget that the world is beautiful with them …

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