What can be done to get rid of Instagram addiction?

What can be done to get rid of Instagram addiction?

It is getting harder and harder to drop our mobile phones. Instagram is one of the biggest causes of our modern phone addiction. As we are exposed to thousands of content every day, it has become a part of our daily lives to follow Instagram posts and share a part of our lives here and interact with our followers. If you don’t understand how time flies while you’re just wandering around Instagram and you find this disturbing, you can try some methods to use the application more ‘consciously’.

1- Notice your usage times

Features such as ‘Digital Balance’ or ‘Application Usage Information’ on your phone allow you to see how much time you spend in which application on a daily basis. Keep this feature easily accessible on your phone screen and check daily if possible. You may be spending hours on Instagram without realizing it. Seeing how much of your day the app takes up here will help you avoid getting hung up on Instagram feed every time you think of it.

2- Restrict your use with different applications

Mobile applications such as ZenScreen, Social Fever, BreakFree are great tools designed to limit the time you can spend on other applications you use, and even prevent you from using these applications at certain times if you want. After determining how often and where you spend time during the day, you can make it easier to control your usage times by giving instructions to such applications. At the same time, ‘Threads’, Instagram’s own side-app, allows you to control the content you see on your own IG feed and only interact with your Close Friends list. If you can’t control your thumbs when you want to stay away, these apps do what it takes.

3- Step away from your phone

If you’re bored on the couch with your phone in hand, and you still don’t feel like quitting Instagram altogether, making a promise that you’ll only use the Instagram app on your computer might be for you. Uninstall the application completely from your phone and tablet and when you need Instagram, just sit by the computer and connect to the platform. You can also see your feed, access stories and access your messages/notifications on Instagram Web; You can’t just share. Not sharing any posts for a while can also provide a different feeling of lightness!

4- Change your notification settings

If you can’t help but find it difficult to delete the Instagram application from your phone, you can at least put a little more distance in your relationship with Instagram by changing the application notification settings. A notification pops up on your phone when someone close to you posts something on Instagram, comments on a post, responds to a comment, or when someone sends you a private message. This, in turn, can result in frequent distractions and inability to drop your phone if you’re a frequent notification person. When you turn off notifications in the application settings, you only open the application at the time convenient for you and check your notifications; And don’t worry, you really won’t lose much!

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