What are the types of sleep patterns?  |  Health

What are the types of sleep patterns? | Health

Sleep pattern type is a concept of sleep psychology and defines your circadian typology or your wakefulness in the mornings and evenings along with your individual differences in activities.

What is the circadian?

It is the name given to a 24-hour period. and means your body clock. Sleep psychologists believe that people can determine their natural sleep patterns. By understanding this for ourselves, we can live a happier and more productive life.

This may sound easy to do, but it seems that the issue of sleep has become a really big problem lately and one in three people suffers from sleep deprivation. At this point, it is very important to understand the types of sleep patterns that we will talk about in a moment.

What are the types of sleep patterns?

Sleep pattern types are basically divided into four. Each one is given the names of animals that you can easily remember. Australian sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo says these bears, wolves, lions and dolphins separates as.

If you ask what the sleeping characteristics of the animals mentioned are:

Bear type is thought to make up more than half of the population. The bears are following the solar cycle; They get up with the rising sun and start to rest when the evening comes. In addition, they often become inefficient after lunch.

On the other hand wolves, They prefer to wake up late and get more energetic at night. When we think that most businesses are closed at night, it doesn’t seem right to be a wolf.

Lions they wake up early and work hard in the mornings. Lions begin to slow down in the afternoon and rest in bed, leaving the field to wolves.

Dolphins the most unfortunate of these categories. Dolphins who cannot sleep are often irritable and have difficulty working in the afternoon. Arezzolo states that only 10% of the population is of this type, and the dolphins are entrepreneurial, they are interested in short-term careful work and have a risky time management approach.

He also adds that dolphins sleep very lightly, and only half of their brains are asleep while they sleep. This Unihemispheric Sleep This is how dolphins sleep and can continue to breathe and observe predators, and they also have one eye open while they sleep.

Can you change your own sleep pattern?

No, but by eating properly, reducing alcohol, meditating and not spending much time with your phone, you can improve your night’s sleep regardless of what type of sleep you are.

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