What are the things to consider when going on holiday with a baby?  |  Mother

What are the things to consider when going on holiday with a baby? | Mother

This article was written by Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Written by Yunus Nas.

1- Bring every material (stroller, wet wipes, diaper mat, baby diaper, plastic or disposable apron, spoon, plastic plate, cup, book, new toys, etc.) that will make your life easier for your baby and yourself.

2- Try to be as close as possible to your child’s daily schedule so that he or she can adapt to the holiday more easily.

3- Make sure your baby is getting enough fluids as well as feeding.

4- Before going on holiday, inform your doctor about the place and time you will go, and set a schedule for your baby’s vaccination and follow-up status.

5- Take appropriate clothes, taking into account the weather conditions of the holiday region you are going to.

6- With the advice of your doctor, medicines such as antipyretic syrup, suppositories, nose drops, thermometer, plaster, diaper cream, tooth gel if teething, antiseptic gels and creams, antibacterial gels, hand cleaners used without water, nail clippers, nail files, Carry sunscreen and mosquito repellent creams and tablets with you.

7- Babies younger than one year old don’t like change. Try to prepare the food yourself.

8- Pay attention to your drinking water, check whether it is suitable for your baby.

9- Do not wait for your baby’s food, do not feed the waiting food.

10- To milk and dairy products; Be especially careful with the ice cream.

11- If you will be traveling for a long time, have your anti-sickness medications with you.

12- Hang toys in the car seat, have distractions available.

13- Take frequent breaks.

14- Breastfeed your baby often to make the journey more comfortable.

15- Install blinds on your windows to protect them from the sun during the journey.

16- Try to keep the air in your car fresh. Do not be directly exposed to cold air while using the air conditioner.

17- If you are going to travel by plane, make sure your baby drinks enough water so that the pressure is not adversely affected, give him something to chew on when the plane takes off and land, or breastfeed if possible.

18- Pay much more attention to safety and hygiene, as the risk of food poisoning is high in hot weather.

Other substances to be applied:

19- It is useful to go to places such as a holiday village or a summer house. You can have a more comfortable holiday as your child will feel at home.

20- Breastfeeding or drinking liquids during take-offs and landings on domestic flights will minimize earaches caused by pressure difference.

21- First, review the safety of the room. It would be wise to take a socket cover from the house.

22- In the pool or in the sea, you need to pay more attention to your child, especially if he or she is new to water.

23- Do not forget to apply a skin moisturizer to your baby often.

24- It is useful to carry your first aid kit with you for emergencies.

25- A room where your baby cannot easily reach the water side, such as the pool or the sea, is a very suitable option.

26- Make sure that the market and medical facilities around you are sufficient.

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