What are the foods that make you happy?  |  Health

What are the foods that make you happy? | Health

Many factors such as the intensity of city life, work stress, and personal responsibilities can cause us to feel unhappy during the day. At such moments, many people have a snack to feel good again. Because some foods can open the doors of happiness due to substances such as serotonin they contain. While reducing stress thanks to foods that give happiness, it is necessary to pay attention to the amounts consumed in order not to gain weight.

Dyt. from Memorial Ankara Hospital Nutrition and Diet Department. Emine Yüzbaşıoğlu gave information about foods that give happiness.

Most people tend to eat more when they are unhappy or stressed. Especially when under stress, hard foods are preferred or more sweets are consumed to relieve stress more quickly with the chewing reflex. Apart from these, fast food and fatty foods can also provide a temporary happiness to people as they provide satiety in an easy way. Foods containing serotonin are foods that provide energy and happiness, and are high in calories. For example, nuts bring happiness as they give energy. Excessive consumption of these can cause weight gain as well as energy and happiness increase. It should be kept in mind that these foods cause temporary happiness. It is of great importance that these foods be consumed in a limited manner so that temporary happiness does not turn into permanent unhappiness with increasing weight. It is necessary not to consume these foods whenever you are bored or stressed, and not to keep large amounts of these foods in office drawers and cabinets at home.

The decrease in sugar during the day can also bring unhappiness. People who skip meals due to intense work tempo may be more unhappy because their sugar levels drop. People who do not eat for a long time, whose sugar drops, will increase their sugar rapidly and turn to packaged foods. For this reason, it is important for the person to realize in which situations he or she turns to high-calorie snacks. At such times, healthy foods should be preferred that will make the person feel better when consumed in the right amount.

From the Nutrition and Diet Department of Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital, Dyt. Aslıhan Altuntaş gave information about the pleasing effect of food.

A healthy diet, especially some foods, is closely related to happiness. Some people say they eat to live, others say they live to eat. It is not a coincidence that a person feels happy when he eats or is happy when he eats a favorite food. As soon as these foods are seen, they cause some chemical changes in the person’s body, and they make the individual happy by physically stimulating the body and the brain. It does this by releasing serotonin and dopamine, known as happiness hormones, in the body. Chocolate is one of them, which almost everyone expresses that they are happy when they eat it.

Consuming these foods together with a balanced and adequate nutrition program is even good for depression. Here are 5 important foods that make you happy…


Egg, which is one of the most valuable protein sources, is also known as the source of happiness. If the person does not have any health problems, they can have breakfast with 1 egg every day and start the day happily. However, to further increase the happiness effect, 3 tablespoons of curd cheese and 1 slice of oat or rye bread can also be consumed. Egg is a very valuable food that can be easily used in any meal that can be chosen during the day.


Quinoa, a cereal that has become popular recently, is a food rich in tryptophan amino acid, the precursor of serotonin. 3 tablespoons of quinoa consumed in salads or vegetable dishes at dinner helps to relieve the stress of the day and to enjoy the meal. Quinoa, with its white, red and black options, can be used in salads, meatballs, cereal cookies and light desserts.

Pumpkin seeds

There are 120 mg of tryptophan in 20 g of pumpkin seeds. Thanks to this happiness-precursor amino acid it contains, it helps to secrete serotonin. Pumpkin seeds help you relax and calm down while preventing stress and worries.


Amaranth, which is also known as the “honeycomb” seed among the people, is a food that has started to take place in nutrition programs due to its high protein value. Like quinoa, it has a high tryptophan content. Thanks to the protein it contains, it is among the foods that make you happy because its absorption is increased. 3 tablespoons of amaranth can be consumed at dinner.

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Turkey meat is also a food rich in tryptophan. It is recommended to be consumed because it contains a high amount of protein and is a food rich in selenium and B12 vitamins. It is possible to get rid of the low energy caused by cold weather, especially with a turkey meat to be consumed at lunch. In order to benefit from the happy effect of turkey in the best way, a complex carbohydrate should be consumed with it. For example, a bread made of oat or rye flour, or a salad with oats, quinoa, and quinoa rice will be good options.

1- Dark chocolate: It cuts what you want sweet faster than other chocolates. It is okay to consume a small square or two of dark chocolate with your coffee.

2- Muz: It is a fruit with high serotonin content. It can be consumed once a day as a snack.

3- Walnut: Although nuts such as hazelnuts, raw almonds and peanuts are also rich in serotonin, walnuts are the most effective nuts in this regard. Consuming 2-3 walnuts a day can help reduce stress and make one feel happier.

4- Moon core: It is an important food that both activates the chewing reflex and reduces stress with its high serotonin ratio.

5- Dried figs: Dried figs are among the dried fruits that contain serotonin. Snacks reduce the level of anxiety by regulating the preferred dried fig blood sugar.

6- Peas: Consuming peas in one of the main meals helps a person feel better. Peas are an important source for raising serotonin levels.

7- Cheese: It is beneficial to start the day with a meal containing serotonin by consuming cheese for breakfast and to be more energetic and happy throughout the day. The amount should not be large enough to cause weight gain.

8- Cereal salads: Consuming salads containing grains such as chickpeas, wheat, beans, and quinoa at one of the meals can provide convenience in coping with stress.

9- Almond: You may be surprised, but almonds are loaded with amino acids that aid blood flow. It keeps your energy high throughout the day like garlic. Take some almonds with you on the way to work. It can be a snack for you in between meals. If you don’t like it alone, you can add it to your cereal for breakfast.

10- Avokado: Scientists say that avocado contains folic acid, and these chemical proteins are used for metabolism, which in turn raises energy levels. If you need a food that will make your mood better, one of the foods that will keep you happy all day is avocado.

11- Hot pepper: If you want to add some spice to your day, hot peppers will help you a lot. Since it raises your endorphin levels, you can have a happy day thanks to hot peppers. If you don’t like too much bitter, you can also consume mildly spicy ones.

12- Garlic: It is not an office-friendly food because it causes bad breath. Garlic increases blood flow in your body. The more your blood flow increases, the more energy you have and the happier you feel. For this, we recommend that you carry your gum with you all day.

13- Ball: It is a known fact that sugar, known as fructose, keeps your patience and energy levels high, so your mood should be stable. Having honey in your breakfast gives you a good start to the day. If you don’t like honey alone, you can add honey to your hot drinks on cold days.

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