What are the disadvantages of using headphones?  |  Health

What are the disadvantages of using headphones? | Health

The World Health Organization estimates that around 50 percent of people aged 12 to 35 are at risk of hearing loss due to prolonged and excessive exposure to loud sounds, such as the music they listen to. Dr. According to Daniel Fink, most hearing loss is not part of normal aging, but a noise-induced hearing loss.

Dr. According to the conclusions of Daniel Fink and Audiologist Jan Mayes after examining many studies on the use of headphones, using headphones harms the hearing. Dr. Fink says, “Especially for young people, the use of headphones is the main source of noise exposure in their spare time. “In their early 40s, they’ll likely experience as much hearing loss as their grandparents now in their 70s and 80s when they reach their middle age.”

Hearing loss is also linked to cognitive decline, in addition to losing the ability to communicate. Compared with people without hearing loss, those with hearing loss are at increased risk of developing dementia:

  • People with mild hearing loss are almost twice as likely to develop dementia.

  • Those with moderate loss triple

  • People with severe loss were seen to be five times more likely.

Noise exposure-induced hearing loss can occur gradually over time, either after a very high exposure or, more often, with poor hearing health habits.

Here are ways to keep your ears safe:

Keep the sound at 70 decibels

Roughly speaking, if it’s difficult to talk or be heard over ambient noise, you might consider the noise to be greater than 75 decibels. Since it’s hard to know what the decibel output is for your smartphones, you may want to consider using your device at 50 percent and reducing your listening time.

Use volume limited headphones for children

Although these headphones, where the maximum volume is limited, keep the sound below a certain limit, this limit, which is generally 85 decibels, is not enough for a healthy hearing environment.

Use a decibel meter

Some applications that you download to your smartphone can guide you by measuring the level of ambient noise.

Use noise canceling

Choosing noise-canceling headphones when choosing headphones prevents you from raising the volume to suppress both environmental noise and it.

Be alert to hearing loss

The most common early symptoms of hearing loss include difficulty hearing in noisy environments and feeling like you can hear people but not being able to understand what is being said. Tinnitus can also often be an early sign of damage to the auditory system. In such a case, you can take an early step by talking to your doctor.

Have your hearing checked regularly

If you are over 50 or exposed to unsafe levels of noise, it is recommended to have your hearing checked once a year.


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