What are the benefits of thyme tea?  |  Health

What are the benefits of thyme tea? | Health

Oregano is a plant that grows in the sun-drenched soils and has around 350 different varieties. Thyme tea and thyme oil are obtained from this plant.

You can make thyme tea from both dry and fresh thyme.


  • 2 teaspoons of dried and finely chopped thyme
  • 2 glasses of water


Boil the water. After it boils, remove from heat and add thyme. Let it steep for about 10 minutes and your thyme tea is ready. Bon Appetit.

Do not boil the same thyme for a second time in order to prevent the loss of the essential oil with ether in the thyme.

Good for respiratory system

It is very good for respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, cough and cold by opening the bronchi.

It relieves indigestion

Thyme tea removes indigestion as it can destroy the mucosa in the intestinal tract. Drinking 1 cup of thyme tea after meals will reduce your bloating.

It is good for rheumatism pain

It prevents rheumatism-induced pain by preventing contractions in the muscles.

Fights colon cancer

Thyme tea is very beneficial for the intestines. It is good for gas relief, bowel pain and cramps. It has a healing effect on colon cancer.

Good for oral health

You can use thyme tea as a mouthwash. It helps to eliminate bad breath and protect gum health.

It strengthens the immune system

If you often get sick, we recommend you oregano tea. Thanks to the vitamins A and C it contains, it strengthens the immune system when consumed regularly.

Calms the nerves

It prevents depression and anxiety by increasing dopamine and serotonin levels. Thanks to the carvacrol contained in it, it improves the mood, helps to get away from bad thoughts and stress.

Good for the skin

Applying thyme tea to the skin in a warm state prevents the formation of acne and pimples. It also reduces the tired and puffy appearance under the eyes.

It is good for menstrual pain

It reduces menstrual pain by reducing cramps. It is known to regulate the menstrual cycle.

It is good for heart health

Thanks to the potassium and manganese it contains, it relaxes the vessels and lowers blood pressure. In this way, it prevents heart diseases and stroke.

  • It increases fluidity in urine and is diuretic.
  • It lowers cholesterol.
  • It is expectorant when it is drunk by squeezing a little lemon into it.

  • No side effects of thyme tea have yet been seen, but it is recommended not to consume more than 2 cups a day.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not consume without consulting your doctor.
  • If you have a chronic illness or regularly use medication, you should not consume it without consulting your doctor.

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