What are the benefits of mint?  |  Health

What are the benefits of mint? | Health

Mint, which has been used in the treatment of numerous diseases throughout history, continues to be healing in every period. Experts use peppermint in the treatment of many diseases. Mint, which is good for stomach, intestine, heart and many diseases, is like a “panacea”.

It is recommended that people with stomach ailments such as reflux, ulcers and gastritis, people with gall bladder and liver problems should not consume peppermint without consulting a doctor.

Mint has many different uses. You can add it to your meals in the form of both dry mint and fresh mint leaves, add it to your drinks, and try to relieve pain with peppermint oil.

• Throwing mint leaves in the water

You can add freshness to your drinking water by adding fresh mint leaves. For a mint flavor that will last all day, add 3-4 leaves or more fresh mint leaves to the pitcher you will use during the day.

• Brewing mint tea

You can make mint tea with fresh mint leaves. “How is mint tea made?” Here is the simple recipe for those who ask; Put the fresh mint leaves in hot water and wait for 5-6 minutes. It is ready for me.

• Use of peppermint oil

You can add 1-2 drops of peppermint oil as an alternative to foods that add fresh peppermint or dried mint. You can also change the atmosphere of your environment by dropping peppermint oil into hot water. Peppermint oil also contains many properties such as fly repellant and pain reliever. Click to read the uses of peppermint oil.

• Preparing a presentation plate with mint

It’s always a good idea to decorate not only salads but also chocolate or dessert presentations with fresh mint leaves. For a mint flavor that permeates the chocolate, you can wrap the chocolate pieces with mint and arrange them on the serving plate. For another use of mint, when making chocolate chip cookies, chop fresh mint leaves into the dough. You will be surprised by the effect of mint flavor!

• Adding fresh mint to smoothies and drinks

Fresh mint leaves are great flavoring for smoothies and ice creams. For the refreshing effect, 2-3 mint leaves are mostly effective. If you want to get a sharp mint effect, you can increase the amount of fresh mint leaves.

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