What are the benefits of cucumber?  |  Health

What are the benefits of cucumber? | Health

Cucumber, which plays a leading role in the vegetable-based diet and the Mediterranean diet, is low in calories and sodium. Does not contain oil. Since it contains electrolytes, it prevents water loss that may occur as a result of sweating during training or hot weather. For those who do not like to drink water, it is aromatic when added to the water with mint leaves. Healthy kidneys, anti-constipation diet and gut health It is important to prevent the body from becoming dehydrated. Cucumber is 96% water. Cucumber, which is in the same plant family as zucchini and melon, also has both skin and to the bones it is useful. We have brought together many benefits of cucumber that you do not know yet.

• Since cucumber contains plenty of water and vitamins, it keeps the skin fresh and smooth.

• Prevents blood clotting K vitamins includes. In this way, it helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

• There are studies that are said to help prevent atherosclerosis of cucurbitacin found in cucumber.

• It also helps to increase calcium absorption with the vitamin K it contains. Thus, bone health is preserved. Click to read all the ways to protect bone health.

• Contains substances that help lower blood sugar or prevent blood sugar from getting too high. The cucurbitacins found in cucumbers help regulate hepatic glycogen metabolism, a key hormone in insulin release and blood sugar processing.

• Cucumber, which is among the foods with a low glycemic index, can prevent the rapid increase of carbohydrates in blood sugar when consumed with carbohydrates.

• Inflammation, which is a function of the immune system, can become extreme in some cases and present with disturbing symptoms. Cucumber is among the anti-inflammatory foods with its antioxidant properties. In addition to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, depression Cucumber is among the foods suitable for protection from inflammation that increases the risk of cancer and cancer.

• It is diuretic. It relieves constipation. It prevents bloating and helps to lose weight.

• It has a calming effect. It is good for insomnia. It is also a fatigue reliever.

The benefits of cucumber for the skin have been known for a long time. Vitamins and minerals in cucumber both moisturize the skin and are effective in removing acne scars. Cucumber is also a good auxiliary material for preparing an oat mask or yogurt mask for the skin. To make a cucumber mask, you can slice the cucumbers and apply them to your skin, as well as mix the grated cucumbers with 1 spoon of yogurt or milk and apply to your skin. You can also apply the cucumber mask alone, slice the cucumber and leave it on your face for 15 minutes.

Cucumber relieves skin irritation and has a soothing effect on the skin. Cucumber, which has astringent effects, is a great natural cleanser for tightening pores. Try the cucumber mask as a pore-tightening mask. Click for different face mask recipes.

“What is good for eye puffiness?” The answer is in the kitchen! Cucumber, which has an edema-reducing effect with the ingredients it contains, is effective in reducing puffiness around the eyes when placed in cold slices around the eyes. There are also natural ways to prevent bruises under detention.

Of course, it is beneficial to consume cucumber, which does not contain oil and helps to eliminate edema, in moderation. However, cucumber, which we frequently consume at spring-summer tables, is indispensable for meeting the fluid needs of the body and especially the skin with its 96% water content. So how do we know when we’re dehydrated? You can read this article for the answer.

1 unpeeled cucumber is only 45 calories. Cucumbers with no fat, average daily Vitamin C., Magnesium, Potassium, Manganese meets about 10% of our needs. Peeling the cucumber reduces the amount of fiber and certain vitamins and minerals. It is reminded that to eat the cucumber with its peel, it is necessary to wash it thoroughly by brushing. This beloved food is also a rich source of vitamin K. Especially Vitamin K that prevents skin aging Cucumber, which meets 60% of its needs, prevents moisture loss of the skin when consumed as both food and skin mask. This prevents the skin from losing its elasticity. 130 grams of chopped cucumber with its peel provides about 1 gram of fiber. Dietary fiber consumption helps maintain intestinal health.

Beware of excessive consumption!

“How many cucumbers should be eaten per day?” The fact that the question is frequently asked draws attention to the issue of edema. Excessive consumption of cucumber to relieve edema causes it to act with its oxidant feature instead of its antioxidant feature. For this reason, in order to get the benefits of cucumber, it is necessary to avoid excessive consumption of this beneficial nutrient.

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