What are the benefits and harms of walnut water?

What are the benefits and harms of walnut water?

Walnut is one of the most beneficial foods for our body. However, there is another way to enjoy the benefits of walnuts; walnut juice. This walnut water, which is obtained by soaking some walnuts in water, offers many benefits to cholesterol without losing weight.

Before going to bed in the evening, put a peeled whole walnut in a glass of water and let it sit until morning. When you wake up in the morning, drink it on an empty stomach and eat walnuts if you wish.

Walnut water should be consumed at most 1 glass every day, and it should be consumed every 15 days in order to avoid side effects. If it is consumed to lose weight, a glass of walnut juice should be drunk every day until the desired weight falls.


Thanks to the protein extracts it contains, it increases fat burning in the body and ensures the removal of fat in unwanted areas. It also speeds up the metabolism.

Balances Cholesterol

It balances cholesterol and prevents cardiovascular diseases. It reduces the risk of heart attack thanks to the folic acid, herbal omega-3 and magnesium it contains.

Good for thyroids

If you have low or high thyroid problems, walnut juice is good for you and regulates thyroid values.

Good for fatigue

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, drinking a glass of walnut juice every morning will relieve your fatigue. It also takes your tension away.

Helps during menstruation

It is good for menstrual irregularities and pains.

Gives energy

It balances blood sugar and accelerates blood flow, thus ensuring that you are energetic during the day.

Improves memory

It strengthens brain functions thanks to its vitmania content. Thus, it can prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Useful for babies

It is recommended to be consumed by breastfeeding or pregnant women. It prevents excessive weight gain during pregnancy.

Regulates the digestive system

It regulates the digestive system and provides relief from gas and bloating problems. It is also good for constipation.

Solves the sleep problem

When drunk before going to bed, it provides a more comfortable sleep thanks to its calming properties.

Strong hair strong nails

It provides your hair and nails with the necessary nutrients and they gain a stronger, shiny appearance.

Good for the skin

It allows your skin to tighten and gain a brighter and healthier appearance. It also fights skin problems like acne and acne.


  • Cleans the body by showing detox effect.
  • Keeps you full with snacks.
  • It strengthens the liver.
  • Balances hormones.

  • Since walnut is a food that can cause allergies, it may show side effects such as redness, itching, spotting, swelling on the skin in some bodies.
  • Consuming too much fiber can cause diarrhea.
  • It can cause headaches in some bodies.
  • As it affects hormones, it may have menstrual and menstrual delay effects.
  • It can touch the stomach of people who have stomach problems, who have a sensitive stomach, and cause pain and burning.

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