What are male birth control methods?

What are male birth control methods?

Birth controlIt is the name given to all of the various methods that prevent women from getting pregnant, reduce the possibility of pregnancy or allow them to have children whenever they want. Both men and women can benefit from these methods for family planning. Although we do not have any documents, it would not be unreasonable to think that calendar methods such as breastfeeding and menstrual period tracking were used together with the classical “withdrawal” in ancient times. In ancient times, shepherds noticed that their animals lost their fertility when fed with certain plants. It is said that these herbs and later the mixtures prepared from them began to be used in birth control. It would not be wrong to say that this and similar historical birth control methods are the basis of birth control with chemical drugs used today.

Current male birth control methods can be counted as using condoms, withdrawal, tube ligation (vasectomy). Although there are 15 approved methods for women in the USA, only condom use and tube ligation, a surgical method, are officially approved methods for men. In recent years, hormonal control methods with chemical drugs and male birth control pills have been added to these two methods.

Birth control pills are not preferred by some women because they cause hormonal imbalances and side effects such as weight gain. Because of these side effects alone, many women look forward to the release of birth control pills for men. Unfortunately, male birth control pills have not yet achieved the desired success today! In the next 5-10 years, it is possible that there will be positive developments regarding male birth control pills.

Male birth control pills will be the revolution of the next 5-10 years!

When the withdrawal method, which is the most frequently used method by men, is used alone, the failure rate is as high as 20%. So one out of five intercourses will be at risk of getting pregnant, and you guessed it is not considered the ideal birth control method. In practice, the success rate of condoms in preventing pregnancy drops to 80% due to the usage problems and errors of condoms with a 98% success rate in ideal use. Vasectomy is seen as the most reliable male birth control method with a failure rate of less than 1%. But it is very difficult to reverse, so it is not a viable option for people who may want to have children in the future. Due to the serious problems of alternative male birth control methods, it seems very likely that a birth control pill will be available to men in the coming years.

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