Weekly horoscope reviews (May 17, 2021 – May 23, 2021)

Weekly horoscope reviews (May 17, 2021 – May 23, 2021)

Hello, this week we will have a good week in terms of bilateral relations, where we can experience exaggerated self-confidence towards the end of the week, where we may be confused and misunderstandings. Venus has very good aspects during the week and this supports us in bilateral relations. With the lifting of the bans, we can find the opportunity to meet with our loved ones more.

But there comes a time when we can exaggerate comfort towards the end of the week. With the exact angle of the Sun Jupiter Square, it is a period when we need to pay more attention to exaggeration, especially on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, a Mercury Neptune angle awaits us, where we may be more confused and have a harder time expressing ourselves verbally or in writing.

Also, on the last day of the week, Saturn will enter its retro period and will stay retro until October. This period is a bit troubled when it comes to building new buildings. However, the issues we are continuing to construct mean that we are in a period of reorganization in matters where we take responsibility, need discipline, and experience some delays and obstacles. In this period, preventive and slowing situations may slow down unfortunately and we may encounter repetitive obstacles, but we are in a perfect time to review and fix the existing system. Saturn is already very slow and will enter its stagnant period during the week, then it will start the retro period and this will be valid until October.

If we go to the daily effects


The moon will be in Cancer in the morning. We’ll start the day at a slower pace and focusing on our emotional needs, while the evening is more fun. The moon will enter Leo and our need to be on the stage will increase.


The moon will continue its progression in Leo and our self-confidence will be high during the day. Venus harmonic aspects that make us feel good will also support us in our relationships. But towards the evening, we may experience some events that focus on the issues that we try to change in our lives and that shook us from time to time. So the Saturn Uranus square in our charts will be triggered by the path of the moon.


Vacation day of the week. Happy May 19 Youth and Sports Day! It could not be a sign that describes Youth and Sport better than Leo. A beautiful day awaits us, which we can devote to children, entertainment and sports activities. There may be some egoic issues and discussions.


The moon passes into Virgo, and after a short vacation, we return to the days when we take care of our work, our health and cleanliness.


As the Moon moves in Virgo, Mercury is making angles that initiate the effects of the square of Neptune, which will become definite on Sunday. Situations that can create confusion or chaos may arise, a time when we need to be even more careful about all kinds of agreements, correspondence, conversations, calculations.


The moon moves into Libra, and the emphasis on bilateral relationships that we’ve been feeling throughout the week is reviving. It may also be a day when we can focus on aesthetics, today may be a day when we pay more attention to our clothing and appearance and make new decisions.


The moon in Libra continues its progression. Mercury Neptune square angle becomes definite. Especially in bilateral relations, speeches that we think we cannot express ourselves correctly, misunderstandings or distorting reality can be made. It is a positive time for creative intellectual activity.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy day.

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