Weekly horoscope reviews (June 7, 2021 – June 13, 2021)

Weekly horoscope reviews (June 7, 2021 – June 13, 2021)

Hello there. The most important celestial influences this week will be the Gemini Solar Eclipse on June 10 and the transit of Mars in Leo on June 11. I will share a more detailed article for the Gemini Eclipse in the coming days. To put it briefly, we are talking about an impact that we have started to feel for a while, which will peak this week and will last for about 6 months, and the prominent topics will be communication, education, close relatives and siblings, short trips, articles, correspondence, agreements, trade, press. The biggest handicap of this period is that Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is in Gemini and very close to the eclipse moment, that is, it will be in a retro position even though it is very powerful and effective.

The fact that Mercury is decisive and retrograde in long-term effects such as eclipses may cause us to experience this unpopular Mercury retrograde for a long time. In other words, communication confusions, misunderstandings and forgetfulness can give us a bit of a headache during this period.

The transition of Mars into Leo signifies a period in which we will reveal ourselves more, raise our voices more, give more weight to entertainment and relaxation, I hope and foresee that the prohibitions will gradually open and vaccination will increase.

Moving on to the daily effects:


The beginning of the week is a bit difficult, the Moon is in Taurus, where it is comfortable, but Saturn Uranus is included in the compelling aspect, creating a tense and boring day with high responsibilities.


Freed from yesterday’s challenging aspect combination, the Moon is a little more relaxed and energetic in Taurus. We will form a harmonious aspect with Mars and Pluto and we will be able to use our energy efficiently and transformatively.


With the last month in Gemini, our communication traffic will accelerate too much because it will form a square aspect with Jupiter, the planet of exaggeration. Today, it may be possible to see things much more optimistically than they are, and therefore to miscommunicate.


New moon day! Clustering in Gemini keeps communication traffic fast. Neptune and Mercury retrograde can again create a day open to misunderstandings and forgetfulness.


Mars moves into Leo and the Moon moves into Cancer towards the evening, and most of the day is spent expressing itself. In the evening, it’s time to spend time with our loved ones.


The most beautiful day of the week. The moon conjunct Venus in conjunction with Jupiter makes the day joyful, romantic, social and rewarding. Let’s evaluate today!


Venus Jupiter influences are still active. Another beautiful, fun day. But later in the day, it can get a little tense as the Moon approaches Mars and Pluto.

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