Weekly horoscope reviews (5 – 11 July 2021)

Weekly horoscope reviews (5 – 11 July 2021)

Hello there. The most important celestial influences this week will be Mercury’s hard aspect to Neptune and especially Venus’ back-to-back sharp aspects to Saturn and Uranus. Also, Mercury will be transiting from Gemini to Cancer. Communication traffic will slow down a bit. We will spend a month of July, where we determine a communication style that appeals to more emotions. The harsh Mercury-Neptune interaction may be a bit cloudy this week. Special attention should be paid to mistakes, clumsiness, unfortunately accidents and misunderstandings this week. It is a time when our mental creativity will increase positively. If we have creative intellectual activities, we are in a perfect week for them.

Let’s come to the most obvious sky event. This week will be a bit challenging in terms of relationships. Challenging but also a chain breaker. Maybe the responsibilities we will take to break some chains will come back to us as a sweet strain. Interaction with Saturn represents this obstacle, sense of need not being met and responsibilities taken, while Uranus represents the need to break the chains and surprises. We will also experience a New Moon in Cancer on Saturday, July 10th. I am preparing a detailed article on this as well.

Moving on to the daily effects


The Moon is in Taurus. One of the quiet days of the week. Today we may be more prone to laziness than to Monday syndrome. If we have the opportunity, we can spend a day in touch with nature.


The Moon moves into Gemini. Communication traffic is accelerating for two days. With the Moon’s aspect to Jupiter during the day, we may encounter an even more exaggerated communication in terms of both the content of communication and the intensity of communication.


The Moon continues its progress in Gemini. It interacts with many planets during the day. Our mental discipline is strengthened by Saturn, our communicative efficiency is increased by Mars and Venus.


The last day of the Moon’s progression in Gemini. The Moon will enter Cancer in the evening. The conjunction he will make with Mercury during the day will be the last and again an active day of the 3 days full of communication.


The Moon continues its progress in Cancer. The moon, which will not make too many aspects during the day, is in a strong position in Cancer and we are in the days when our emotional needs are met. We spend more time with our loved ones, our parents, our children.


The Moon will have a New Moon in Cancer today. So it will make a full conjunction with the Sun. To briefly mention, this New Moon will be in a positive aspect from Neptune and will be a New Moon with healing, romance, empathy and intense emotions. Today we will feel it to the maximum.


The Moon moves into Leo. With the lifting of the ban, we can enjoy the sun more and have a more fun day. Of course, paying attention to the mask and distance issues.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy day…

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