Weekly horoscope comments (May 3, 2021 – May 9, 2021)

Weekly horoscope comments (May 3, 2021 – May 9, 2021)

Hello there. The highlight of this week seems to be the harmonious aspects made by the planet Venus. This indicates that this week we can have good and harmonious times in relationships. The harmonious aspects he will make with Neptune and Pluto during the week increase passion, romance and empathy in our relationships. Even though the square angle with Jupiter may seem a bit challenging, both Venus and Jupiter are benevolent in astrology and the harsh interactions of the two do not produce very harsh results. They point to a little more pampering, exaggeration, and excessive self-esteem. Either way, they feel good. In addition, there will be important horoscope changes this week. The two important planets Mercury and Venus will pass into Gemini. In particular, we are entering a week when Mercury will become very strong because Mercury expresses its own characteristics very strongly in Gemini and Mercury rules the sign of Gemini. So it is comfortable in this zodiac sign. Communication, which is the characteristics of the planet Mercury, indicates that we are entering a very active period in the communication sign Gemini.

If we go to the daily effects …


The first day of the week looks a bit challenging. The Moon is in Aquarius and will be in conjunction with Saturn. Considering Saturn’s harsh angle with Uranus, which is in conjunction with the Sun, we see that the Moon will be included in this combination, and the day seems like a tense day that will greatly trigger the “impaired” change impulses we have been in for a while.


The Moon continues in Aquarius away from Saturn. It will form a square with Venus during the day. In terms of relationships, it is the day of the good week with the most probability of having problems in relationships, but this possibility also seems to be sweet little conflicts.


The moon is transitioning into Pisces. The positive aspect it will make with Mars in Cancer shows that this day will be both creative, emotional, brave and energetic.


The Moon continues its progression in Pisces and will be conjunct Neptune during the day. Neptune conjunctions that double the octave of Pisces always double the Pisces effect and bring us to a point that is more sensitive, emotional, creative and empathetic.


While the moon continues in Pisces in the morning hours, it will be in Aries at noon. Our energy will increase with the last month from fish to Aries. A little more nervous and irritable situations may occur towards the late hours of the night.


The morning hours may be a little tense with the Moon, Mars square, but I must say that later in the day there will be an easier and more energetic flow. A day when we experience the relaxing energy of Venus Jupiter square that tends to exaggerate quite high.


The moon continues its progression in Aries throughout the day. Towards the evening, the old notebooks can be opened with the hard angle he will make with Pluto, but with Venus passing to the sign of Gemini, our dynamism and communication traffic is high, even if we are in the closing period. It is a good weekend to start sports activities at home.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy day …

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