Weekly horoscope comments (May 24, 2021 – May 30, 2021)

Weekly horoscope comments (May 24, 2021 – May 30, 2021)

Hello, This week is marked by 3 important effects. Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26, Venus Neptune square and Mercury Retro starting on the last day of the week.

You can read an article in which I have covered the Lunar Eclipse in detail here. I will talk about the Venus Neptune square that we will start next week and the Mercury Retro, everyone’s nightmare.

First of all, these two effects will bring about deceit and misunderstanding. Venus Neptune square will bring about misunderstandings, excessive sensitivity, high romance and creativity, over-idealization and timing problems, especially in bilateral relations. It is an effect that can cause us to delusional, so let’s not make definitive judgments without seeing the facts clearly.

Mercury Retro is, I think, overdone to come up with. Making new agreements, starting something new may create the necessity to make retroactive changes and revise in the future, but for big problems to occur, it is necessary to see more negative effects than Mercury Retro in the starting chart. This is why Mercury Retro is nothing to be overdone.

If we go to the daily effects …


Moon is starting the week in Scorpio. The harmonious contacts of Jupiter and the Moon in Pisces can work on the subject of deep reflection of the day, in-depth research and understanding of some issues in our life.


The moon is in positive relations in Scorpio today as well. It will be a day when we will form a trine pattern with Mars in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces, and we will have a more intuitive, in-depth understanding than yesterday.


The Moon is transitioning into Sagittarius, and our emotional world is getting more joyful and relaxed than the deeply emotional and passionate Scorpio. Today may be a day when we will experience some more disagreements and egoic conflicts.


The moon is moving in Sagittarius. Mercury, on the other hand, is in a stable position before its regression. Stable position can create even more compelling effects without regressing, it is necessary to pay attention to the last days of the week. The compelling aspect of the Moon with Neptune makes today and days prone to misunderstanding.


The moon will switch to Capricorn at noon, and the spring comfort will be replaced by capricorn seriousness. On the last day of the week, we will have a day when we become more realistic and focus on our tasks. The Moon does not have many angles today.


As the Moon moves in Capricorn, it will form an opposition with Mars in Cancer. The most tense day of the week. We are likely to be emotionally irritated and touchy. The conjunction with Pluto in the evening also continues the tension.


The Moon is transitioning into Aquarius. Today we can spend productively in terms of intellectual activities. The fact that the Moon will be in conjunction with Saturn in the evening can remind us of our duties and responsibilities, and we can be more negative and pessimistic.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy day …

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