Weekly horoscope comments (10 May 2021 – 16 May 2021)

Weekly horoscope comments (10 May 2021 – 16 May 2021)

Hello, when we look at planetary aspects this week, we see that soft effects are dominant in the sky. A New Moon will occur on May 11 in Taurus and I will explain the details in another article. This new moon, which can bring back the effects of Saturn and Uranus, which are still in square, will be in harmonious interactions with Pluto and Neptune rather than these planets. This shows us that we are in a period where we can experience more disciplined and realistic transformations, especially in financial matters. To be more precise, we can say financial resources that can be transformed with discipline. Also, on May 14, the great benevolent Jupiter will switch to Pisces, in which it is very powerful, self-sacrificing and healing, and we will enter into a healing process that threatens to exaggerate and relax for 2.5 months. With the start of the summer months, the dynamism of life will increase a little more. Distribution of vaccines can also be accelerated.

Going to the daily effects:


The moon is starting the week in Taurus. Until the evening hours, peace, the value of what we have, our loved ones, a little laziness and a bit of a sore throat accompany us, while our desire for change, our mobility and our creative ideas increase with the conjunction of the Moon Uranus towards night hours.


The Moon continues its progression in Taurus and joins the Sun today, forming a New Moon. We will have an important day in terms of transforming and changing, achieving and fixing what we want to do, by using self-discipline both today and for the next 15 days, with the harmonious angles that the New Moon degree makes with Pluto and Neptune, today can be a good start for these issues.


The moon passes into Gemini and our communication traffic is accelerating. It is one of the most beautiful days of the week because the Gemini Moon is just getting together with Venus, which has just passed into twins, and a very romantic day emerges. It’s a great day to communicate with our loved ones, to say what we want to say.


The moon continues its progression in Gemini. During the day, it also joins Mercury in Gemini, pointing to the most talkative and active day of the day. You can evaluate today for important agreements and talks.


The moon continues in Gemini. It is a very productive day for education, learning, intellectual activities, agreements with Jupiter and a comfortable day when our self-confidence increases.


The moon passes into Cancer and our desire to spend the weekend with our loved ones increases. It’s a very good day when our emotional needs are met, but tensions and irritability may increase towards the evening.


With the advancement of the Moon in Cancer, it makes aspects during the day, which again have a very harmonious energy flow. We said that we would spend the weekend with our loved ones and our emotional needs predominantly. With the harmonious aspect of Neptune and the Moon, we are an even more emotional, romantic, creative day if we have a relationship, a very inspiring day if we spend it alone. TV series, games, books and so on today. We can spend it with hobbies.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy day.

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