We found the healthiest chocolate!  |  Health

We found the healthiest chocolate! | Health

The story of chocolate begins with the collection of cocoa seeds from cocoa trees. These seeds, which are then processed, first turn into powder and then into delicious chocolates.

Cocoa beans contain protein, fiber and are a great source of minerals such as iron and magnesium. It is also rich in powerful antioxidants and flavonoids. So much cocoa; It contains more antioxidants than many vegetables and fruits. This feature is the main reason for its positive effect on our health, especially our heart. So yes, chocolate is good for health!

This is where the real question begins: Although all chocolates are made from cocoa, we cannot say that they are all healthy in the same way. What matters here is the percentage against other ingredients in the ingredient list. The more cocoa, the more antioxidants.

While milk chocolate may contain as little as 10 percent cocoa, we can see products containing 85 percent cocoa in dark chocolates. But the real question is: If this chocolate contains only 10 percent cocoa, what’s with the rest? Our answer: Sugar and milk!

Dark chocolate generally contains about half as much sugar as milk chocolate and less (or no) milk. And because it contains more cocoa, it has more fiber, minerals, and antioxidants. When the amount of cocoa in the content starts to be replaced by milk, the antioxidant effect will decrease at the same rate. We can say that white chocolate, which has been processed too much and has added sugar, has now lost its healthy title.

Our clear winner: Dark chocolate

The trick is to choose the least processed chocolate with the highest possible percentage of cocoa and the lowest sugar content.


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