We can no longer keep up with each other |  Relationship

We can no longer keep up with each other | Relationship

We have been in the same house with my lover for 3 years. We were getting along quite well, that’s why we decided to live together. Our tastes are very similar, in all areas. I can say that our tastes are almost the same, from painting to music. That’s why we were doing the same activities until before the pandemic. Together at exhibitions, concerts etc. we would go Of course, the intervention of the pandemic has had an effect, but it seems like we are not in harmony anymore. We used to be an exemplary couple before, maybe we still are, I don’t know. I don’t feel like that though. Of course, it’s not about pointing finger, it’s how I feel in the relationship.

Lately, the things we talk about, what we do, the things we love, our interests have started to diverge considerably. Now you might say that people can differentiate over time, maybe you’re right, but we’re not together for that. We chose to be together because we are a 100% compatible couple. It feels like our rate of staying together decreases as our rate of harmony decreases. It may be a very interesting thought, but I admire our harmony.

All of my close friends said it was normal, but I had the wrong idea. Actually, when you think about it, no couple is completely in harmony with each other but I want it to be that way. When I’m dating someone like this, I don’t want to break up with him, I just want him to be the same.

Actually, I cannot say that changing things are not things that will disrupt the flow of our lives, but tangible things. It may sound strange, but what I said to you is that I think …

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