Ways to spend time at home |  Life

Ways to spend time at home | Life

When we spend long hours or even days at home, we may not know what to do in general and experience boredom. In fact, there are many ways to spend your leisure time productive and enjoyable on such days.


Knitting requires patience, but you can start with something small. In addition, knitting allows your thoughts to become more calm and relaxes you. You can also gift the resulting scarves and similar things to yourself and those around you!

Experience the silence

We are in a state of talking and expressing ourselves throughout the day. This can start to feel quite tiring at times and need a little silence. Try not to speak at all for a day that you devote to yourself. Even you will be surprised by the results. You can wake up the next day with both your head and chin rested, your thoughts more simplified and better understanding of your feelings.

Read a book

Read, read, read! Actually, free time should not be waited for reading a book, time should be created for it. But since you also had free time, then take that book that you wondered about, that you had stayed in your library for a long time and looked at its cover, and read. It will be the door of completely different worlds for you …

Learn a new language

A language is a human… Of course, you don’t need to learn academically seriously. You can learn the language (s) that are good for you, the country you are curious about or have the most resources in the subjects you are interested in.

Don’t stay sitting in front of the TV

Television is the most important factor that can prevent you from spending pleasant and productive time at home. You will sit down as you sit, eat something as you watch, and at the end of the day you may find your body uncomfortable from inactivity and eating too much.

Do yoga

It will be good to relieve your tense body a little. The best way to do this is yoga. You just need to have a mat. Due to the corona virus, which has been on the world agenda recently, the “Down Dog” application stated that it will offer free service until April 1. They explained that their aim is that people who cannot enter public areas, cannot attend yoga classes and stay at their homes due to the virus can continue to practice yoga and cope with stress.


If you feel that your thoughts, your worries are stressing you out, give yourself some excuse. Light a few candles, find a comfortable seat and close your eyes. Whether you focus on your breathing, watch your body or stop to a relaxing music. These 10 minutes of meditation that you devote to yourself will allow you to cope with stress.


For some people, cooking is very comforting. The resulting delicious product will also please you. You can try new cuisines and develop your taste buds and cooking skills with different flavors.

Take care of your plants

Dealing with soil takes electricity and stress from your body. You can both take care of your plants and spend time with them and observe their development.

Write text

During the day, you can write down the ideas you have in mind, and pick the most interesting of these ideas and write on them will help you develop your creative potential. This can be a story, tale, essay or poem.

Watch movies

Whether you watch the movies you have watched before and you will never get tired of watching over and over again, or open up to new movies in new genres. Either way, a good movie will open a lot of doors in your mind.

Sing, paint, dance

All three of these are very enjoyable activities, and don’t assume that you have to have the talent to do it. Everyone can sing, paint and dance. As long as you do as you feel, then it will be a formation unique to you.

Enter care from head to toe

Another comforting thing to do during the time spent at home is taking care of yourself. Prepare a nice bath and enjoy the water, then pamper yourself with conditioning creams and oils.

Move items

It’s normal to start getting bored after sitting at home for a while. For this, you can change the location of your belongings, so that it will be the excitement of getting used to your rooms with its new condition.

Search for a topic you are curious about, write about it

There are topics that everyone is interested in and wondering about. Find a topic you are curious about and start your research. But stay away from topics that will make you feel like homework, the main goal is to learn by enjoying. Then write an article describing your own ideas and feelings in the light of what you have learned.

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